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Top Omni-Channel Techniques For Dropshipping Stores

    Businesses need to have an omni-channel strategy if they want to succeed in the cutthroat market of today. Not surprisingly, dropshipping shops exist. A dropshipping store is a specific kind of online store where the owner does not maintain any inventory on hand. Instead, the supplier is contacted when a store owner receives an order from a customer, and the supplier then ships the goods right to the customer’s door.

    While there are many benefits to this business model, one of the biggest difficulties dropshipping store owners face is how to effectively manage an omni-channel strategy. Since they lack their own inventory, owners of dropshipping businesses must completely rely on their suppliers for it. A dropshipping store must choose one of these Omni-Channel strategies for their dropshipping store in order to overcome all of these challenges:

    The good news is that, despite omnichannel marketing’s intimidating initial appearance to a small business, it pays off once you get going, with companies using omnichannel strategies experiencing a 91% increase in client retention rates compared to their rivals.

    We’d like to share some of the omnichannel strategies that well-known brands have used since adopting omnichannel may benefit all organizations. You will be able to implement a plan and adopt your approach while getting suggestions along the way.

    Convenient Purchases

    Customers have specific preferences for how they want to make purchases. One person will tell you that they won’t buy anything until they’ve tried it on, but their identical twin has no problem ordering things online, trying them on, and returning them if they don’t fit.

    Given the expansion of eCommerce, some people can’t imagine ever setting foot on a real site, while others would rather pick up or return an item at a physical location.

    Recognizing that not all of its customers are the same, clothing retailer Bewakoof (Indian Clothing Brand or you can select anyone) developed an online shopping experience that gives customers a variety of purchase options.

    For instance, after adding an item to their shopping cart, a user can choose to pick it up in-store or have it delivered to their home. Customers have the option to purchase through any channel that Bewakoof provides, including the option to ship between Bewakoof locations.

    How can you choose this approach for your shop?

    Depending on the eCommerce platform being used, different features are available for store pickup, though some systems offer a wide variety of options.

    After saying that:

    Additionally, you can use plugins like the WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus extension, which enables one-click pickup of any item from any location.

    A possible choice is the Store Pickup + Delivery app, which is offered by Shopify.

    Interactive incentive scheme

    An omnichannel experience includes rewards programs because customers are more likely to use them if they can easily check their balance, make purchases directly from the app, and use them across all channels.

    Because they are fully aware of this, companies like Starbucks have integrated their rewards program into all of their channels. The Starbucks Rewards app allows users to check and top off their balances directly from their smartphones.

    Because Starbucks keeps track of everything, a customer can still use their balance even if they add it two minutes before visiting a location.

    Depending on their preference, the customer can pay for their purchases using either a real rewards card or an app.

    How can this tactic be modified?

    The best reward plugins are functional in that they can update in real-time and allow users to redeem their prizes on any of the available channels.

    Our favorites are the WooCommerce and Shopify Points and Rewards. To learn more about AliExpress, WooCommerce, WIX, and Shopify Dropshipping Integrations for your store, click the link.

    Permit users to continue where they left off

    As an expert in eCommerce, you must take into account the fact that customers will start their shopping on one device, like a PC, and continue it on another, like a smartphone.

    Because of this, it makes sense to adopt Crate & Barrel’s strategy and save the shopping cart data in the customer profile.

    This is also true for the Crate & Barrel gift registry, where the recipient can easily manage their registry from any device and the mobile device version of the registration is updated in real-time.

    How to apply this

    The smooth operation of Crate & Barrel requires some special code in the app. But if the user logs into their account on the new device, many eCommerce systems have this functionality built into flexible websites.

    • Utilize a Personal Touch and the Internet’s Advantages
    • The fact that Walmart now owns Bonobos may seem strange, but the company’s core focus on the omnichannel experience has not changed.
    • In order to promote Bonobos’ products in stores, Nordstrom and Bonobos joined forces in 2012. They shared expertise in branding and email marketing.
    • Contrarily, the Bonobos stores did not employ the same marketing strategy as the majority of men’s clothing stores. Bonobos established “guide shops,” where customers could walk into the stores and try on, touch, and compare items, in order to better serve their customers.
    • On the other hand, the customer does not bring any of the clothing home. Instead, people make their selections and complete the transaction online. The gift is then brought to their home.
    • This lowers inventory and operational costs without sacrificing that priceless human expertise or the chance for customers to handle and physically feel the products before making a purchase.
    • One of the few retailers who has successfully implemented an omnichannel strategy is Bonobos.

    On the other hand, physical retailers may be able to expand their businesses online by taking advantage of their current physical stores. Internet retailers are also advantageous because they do not have to set up a sizable retail space with an excessive amount of inventory.

    Access technology for the physical workforce

    It is one of the few businesses that has enjoyed notable success both offline and online. This is due in part to the welcoming atmosphere you experience when you enter a REI store, but it is also because the company has done a fantastic job of fusing the online and offline shopping experiences to create a seamless one.

    More than 75% of REI customers research the company online before going to a physical store. This demonstrates how satisfied customers are with having the option to browse price and product details before handling items.

    No matter where they are, REI wants its employees to always have access to the internet. As a result, the company gave mobile devices to every salesperson. They also offered free WiFi to customers who wanted to conduct additional research while shopping.

    What does this mean, exactly? Because despite having the necessary training to help, the associates find it difficult to keep up with the volume of information available on the REI website.

    Adapting this approach

    This one is only relevant to businesses with retail locations, but it is a simple process to put in place.

    Make your online store simple to browse, and show your staff how to get the best answers to customer questions by quickly navigating the site. Then you should think about getting your coworkers some technology.

    Differentiate Your Project’s Starting Point

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could begin your shopping from home on your phone or computer?

    With its Easy Pass program, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder (Indian Brands, you can put whatever you want) actually accomplish what they say they will.

    The Easy Pass is a great idea for a furniture company because it is a natural fit for their industry.


    Considering how expensive the inventory is, customers prefer to complete their studies. They won’t make a rash decision to buy something.

    Customers can choose to start their shopping journey online or in-store as a result. A wishlist is made for customers who want to shop online, and a salesperson at the store can access it in person. An email address is all that is needed for the representative to see it on their computer screen.

    Choosing this approach for your online dropshipping store

    Once more, business owners who have physical locations will benefit most from using this strategy.

    And even though custom programming would almost certainly be required for the precise functionality, a wishlist like Wishlist Plus is a great place to start for inspiration. This allows customers to make online wishlists and share them with store employees in person.

    What course do you want your next omni channel strategy to go?

    It is not a question of whether or not you would pursue an omnichannel experience, but rather when you will do it, as was previously stated.

    Therefore, it’s crucial to start with a plan that works with your current brand.

    Do you operate any retail businesses? If that’s the case, why not try reducing inventory and acting more like a showroom, or giving your staff iPads?

    Is your business exclusively online? Then consider ways to make purchases more flexible or even consider constructing a small retail space so customers can see the goods firsthand.

    Please leave any questions you may have about these omnichannel methods in the comments section below.


    A popular business model in the world of online retail is a dropshipping store. Businesses can sell products using dropshipping without keeping any inventory. A dropshipping store will place an order with the supplier on behalf of a customer who purchases a product from it, and the supplier will then ship the item to the customer. Dropshipping is a fantastic way to launch a web business with little initial outlay.

    How to develop an Omni-Channel strategy is one of the difficulties that Dropshipping Stores encounter. The coordination of a business’s online and offline channels to offer a seamless customer experience is known as omni-channel. A Dropshipping Store will be able to reach more customers and give them a relaxing experience with the help of a successful Omni-Channel strategy.

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