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What Is Holiday Marketing, And How Can You Use It To Your Advantage?

    Even though holiday marketing is an old way to market, it has changed a lot in the last few years. For example, the rise of digital marketing has made it easier than ever to reach more people and get more leads during the holidays.

    So, to help you make more sales during the next holiday season, I’ve put together this detailed guide to holiday marketing with some smart tips you should use.

    Things to Know About Holiday Marketing

    In a nutshell, holiday marketing is the process of taking a lot of marketing steps through different channels during the holiday season. Digital platforms are mostly used to promote a product or a sale during the holidays these days. The marketing strategies are built around the relevant holiday, which not only helps spread the word about a brand but can also bring in a lot more money.

    Do you know that on Cyber Monday alone in 2023, more than $10.8 billion was spent? This is just one example of how big holiday shopping has gotten, and you shouldn’t be afraid to get in on the action.

    Marketing Plan for Any Holiday

    No matter if you sell electronics or clothes, you can make a holiday-specific marketing plan for your online store. To do that, you must follow these steps carefully:

    Have a big picture plan

    First, you need to make a general plan for your marketing campaign before you start. Most experts say that you should make a plan about a month or two before the event. You need to think about everything ahead of time, from the major marketing platforms you want to cover to how you will carry out the plan.

     Pay attention to how you market.

    Now, you need to figure out which platforms you want to use to promote the holiday marketing strategy and focus on those. For example, you might want to promote email marketing or a few Instagram posts. This would mostly depend on the kind of brand you have and where your target audience spends the most time online.

    Get user information

    This is one of the most important steps that many marketers miss. Before you start your campaign, you should do some research to look at data and trends about your users. Before you start the campaign, you should have all the important information so that you can make decisions based on facts.

    Roll Out!

    Lastly, your holiday marketing campaign should start at least two weeks before the big day. So, you’d have enough time to get ready for the holiday sales and make people excited about what’s coming up.

    Keep in touch

    The most important thing is to think about posting more than usual on your social channels during the holidays. You can also hold giveaways, contests, and other events that will get people more interested in your marketing content and get them to share it. You can even drop one or two more posts after the holidays to finish the campaign and give it one last push.

    Clever Ways to Use Holiday Marketing to Your Advantage

    If you want your holiday marketing strategy to work well this year, then I suggest you follow these smart tips and tricks.

    Try to make your marketing campaign more emotional.

    You may have already seen how emotional people can get when shopping around the holidays. So, if you want to make people aware of your brand during the holidays, try to come up with something emotional.

    You don’t have to yell about how great your brand is. Instead, you can focus on how the holiday makes people feel.

    Build your marketing campaign around the spirit of the festival

    From Christmas to Halloween, Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, there are many holidays and special events that could be good times to run your marketing campaign. Try not to come up with a campaign that you can run at any time of the year.

    Instead, you should make sure you have graphics, copy, discount codes, and other content that is specific to the upcoming holiday.

    Be smart about the marketing medium you choose.

    You might already know that there are a lot of social and digital marketing channels out there, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and many more. If you want to learn more about your audience, you should go to the platform’s insights or analytics page.

    This way, you can find out what they like to buy and easily choose a medium where your audience is already present.

    For example, if you sell jewelry or makeup online, it would be better to run ads on Instagram. If you sell books online, you might want to think about running ads on Reddit or Goodreads instead.

    Link your work to a good cause

    People like to give back to the world during the holidays, even though shopping is an important part of the season. So, you can also think about putting both of these things together to make an impression during the holiday season.

    You can do more than just run limited-time sales and deals. You can also support a cause. You can let your customers know ahead of time that a part of their purchase will go to the chosen cause. So, your customers can shop for the holidays in a thoughtful way, and you can help others at the same time.

    Make alerts and offers that are specific to you.

    If you want your holiday marketing plans to work quickly, you should focus on running ads or promotions that are tailored to your business. One of the best ways to do this is to send out easy-to-customize email or SMS alerts.

    With a personalized email, you can not only send your customers personalized holiday greetings, but you can also let them know about special deals that are just for them. This would make your audience feel like they are important, and it can also increase the overall return on investment (ROI) of your campaign.

    Don’t Overdo it!

    Most of all, don’t make the rookie mistake of posting a lot of content around the holidays. As was said above, your holiday marketing plan should start weeks ahead of time and be spread out evenly.

    Even though it’s fine to post more on certain days, you shouldn’t send your audience too much of the same thing. Also, try to come up with a plan for different kinds of content so you can talk about your products, ongoing deals, giveaways, and other things without repeating yourself.

    Make a yearly schedule ahead of time

    Many business people think that holiday sales and discounts are only for a few days. We know that Black Friday and Christmas are the busiest times for holiday shopping, but you shouldn’t miss out on other important dates either.

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    As you can see, holidays can be a great time to advertise your products or store on a variety of marketing channels.

    If you want to make the most of people’s desire to shop during the holidays, make sure you run tempting ads and hold all kinds of events on social media. Aside from that, you can also use the tips above to improve the results of your holiday marketing.

    Also, if you want to have some of the best products this season in your store, you can get help from dropship-empire and take care of all of your dropshipping needs in one place.

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