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Best Wholesale Suppliers in Sweden

    The Scandinavian region is known for its love of shopping, and Swedish commerce and online shopping in particular have a lot of room to grow in the next few years. Official data shows that eCommerce stores are becoming more and more popular, and that most people who shop online tend to buy beauty and fashion products.

    When starting an online store, there is one thing that is essential: finding quality products at wholesale prices. This is because Scandinavians are known for appreciating high-quality goods. Before we get into the list of the best wholesale suppliers for the Swedish area, let’s look at some statistics and data about why Sweden is one of the best countries for dropshipping and wholesale buying and why it should be your target country if you want to start a clothing store.

    Sweden’s people number

    Worldometer’s most recent estimate is that there are more than 10 million people living in Sweden. Only 11.9% of Swedes live in rural areas. This means that 88.1% of Swedes live in cities. A study by Flanders Investment & Trade says that by the year 2025, about 44% of Swedes will have grown up with computers. This shows that eCommerce is becoming more important, and smart devices are becoming an important part of the buying process.

    Sweden’s digital and online shopping landscapes

    With the help of Datareportal, we’ve found out the following about how the digital world in Sweden has changed over time:

    • As of January 2022, almost 97% of the country’s total population, or 9.88 million people, used the internet.
    • In the same month of 2022, 9.25 million Swedes, or just over 90% of the total population, used social media;
    • Since 70% of Swedish shoppers buy things online, this country has the highest percentage of eCommerce purchases of any Nordic country.

    Because of these things, Sweden has a strong online shopping market, which Statista says is in the following state:

    The country’s eCommerce market is expected to bring in US$18.30bn by the end of 2023;

    The income is expected to reach US$26.42bn by 2025;

    41% of the people who filled out the survey said that beauty and health products and clothing and shoes were the most popular things to buy online in 2021.

    Statista has more numbers.

    Statista says that a more recent report from June 2022 shows that the fashion segment has taken the lead in Sweden’s online market, with sales of about $4.44 billion.

    With these numbers, it’s safe to say that Sweden is a good and mature market for eCommerce businesses, especially in the fashion industry.

    Best Swedish Wholesalers

    Let’s list the best wholesale suppliers in Sweden that you could work with. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the most trustworthy companies that sell products that are sure to appeal to your target audience.

    In short

    Taking into account the above statistics about Sweden’s eCommerce landscape, we can say with great certainty that the country is on a good path to growing its potential and expanding its online market on a large scale. So, if you want to start a dropshipping business, Sweden is a good place to start. We’ve given you a few possible suppliers, so now it’s up to you to take over the Swedish market.

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