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Find Dropshipping Products: Best Tools and Tips

    In spite of its widespread adoption, the drop-shipping business model is not without its drawbacks.

    Too much time is lost between the initial order and its completion in China, as well as during the return of defective goods, and your role as an intermediary in customer service.

    Thus, to make a dropshipping business profitable and effective, one must first select products that are of high quality, interesting, and in demand.

    What follows is a discussion of where and how to look for products suitable for dropshipping.

    Find a Gap

    There is a lot of competition for popular dropshipping products, so sales could be good or bad. Many shoppers on AliExpress would rather save money by going straight to the source, eliminating the middleman, and spending time browsing products directly from the manufacturers. Thus, you must locate a resource that is obscure and challenging to access for the typical user. Finding a product that only a handful of companies sell is ideal, but this route requires caution as well.

    When an entirely novel product enters the Chinese market, the manufacturer or supplier is typically kept under wraps. This means you’ll have to ensure the quality and dependability of the supplier on your own. Even if you’re sure of all of these things, your work in finding products isn’t done yet; you still need to determine if the product will appeal to the market and, if so, at what price.

    Find dropshipping products: Research the Niche

    After identifying a product with some degree of originality, the next step is to investigate a specific market to learn about competitive offerings, niche consumers’ attitudes and levels of familiarity, and other relevant data.

    Now, how do you go about investigating this issue? Complete analysis can be performed with the help of the tools and advice provided here.

    The first ideas can be found by searching Google Trends. It’s easy to find out how many people are interested in your product by opening Google Trends and typing in some of the most popular queries related to it.
    Hint! You can use Google’s own search bar to find the best keywords: just type in your main query and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see related queries. In order to get a full picture, you should look at each one on Google Trends.

    You can learn what the target market thinks of the product through the use of social media. You can use hashtags to find posts that are relevant to your search here. You can use the Hashtagify service for this purpose, and the resulting hashtags can be shared on any of the most popular social media platforms. It is suggested that you begin with Twitter and Instagram. As a side note, this is also a good way to investigate rival websites, evaluate their level of development, and study their promotional strategies.
    Using Sell the Trend, you can quickly locate what’s hot on AliExpress. Since this service is somewhat analogous to Google Trends, you can use it to verify whether or not your predictions about dropshipping product demand are accurate.
    Warehouse for Dropshipping. Since the most popular items currently on the market are already compiled here, this page is the primary source for your investigation. To make sure your goals are reasonable, I recommend reviewing the aforementioned lists once more.
    Ecomhunt is a useful app that facilitates the execution of pre-set Facebook advertising initiatives. Perfect for quizzes and exams! However, you’ll need to make a test marketing page before you can conduct any tests. Choosing the best template, working on the design, and populating the site with content will all take some time. If you’re only interested in one product, however, you can probably get it done in a day. Ads directed to a dummy site are better than selecting and purchasing a product in the hopes that someone will eventually click on them than they would be if they were directed to the actual product page. Before making a final decision and spending money, it’s important to gauge the actual reaction of the audience.

    Come up with A/B Testing

    After conducting research, it is important to gauge reaction to the product in question before making a purchase. Promoting on Facebook is a viable option. We’ve touched on the topic of genuine research thus far, and now we’ll go into even greater depth on the topic.

    You need to integrate analytics into your test landing page in order to get a measurable result and learn the results of your actions. You’ll also need to create multiple advertising campaigns, each with slightly different focuses.

    You can try out different call-to-actions, main page product images, button colors, etc., to see what works best for your business. Also, here’s a piece of advice: the green buy button is more effective than the red one.

    Testing with international audiences is another option. Of course, you’ll need to translate and localize your ad copy for this to work, but with The Word Point’s help, you can do so with ease.

    After finishing your research, you should have a clear idea of how you will advertise and promote the product, as well as what techniques work and don’t work in your case. This will allow you to take the first steps in your marketing strategy.


    The right choice of dropshipping products is impossible without comprehensive analysis. The research will help you set an initial price that will allow you to break even during the delivery phase, while still leaving room for growth and profit. You can significantly improve your chances of reaching a potential buyer and passing over competitors by conducting research using our algorithm before you invest in the purchase of goods.

    In order to maintain a high customer satisfaction level and a low rate of returns after finding the products you wish to sell, you will require a reliable supplier who can evaluate the quality of the products sourced and maintain consistent delivery times.

    This is an excellent way to begin fostering loyalty among your clientele, as we are all well aware that:

    When customers are satisfied, they often return.

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