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How to Check the Quality of A Product Directly in China

    What is Product Quality Control (QC) and why should you arrange it in China

    “QC,” which stands for “quality control,” is when goods are checked at the factory to make sure:

    The condition of the goods when they leave the factory, how different the final product is from what was ordered, and the quality of the final product.
    This QC check is done to make sure that the goods actually meet the standards set by the buyer, both in terms of what the goods are and what they need to be in order to be sold in the country where they are going. So, these inspections make it more likely that the products in stock meet the required quality standards.

    Product quality control, which is also called “quality assurance,” is a process that tries to stop any scams or differences from what was ordered in the first place.

    Why it is important to perform a quality check if you buy Chinese goods

    Suppliers sometimes agree to make goods for very low prices because they can make up the difference by using cheaper materials or parts, making the goods of medium-low quality.

    When it comes to goods bought in China, it is the importer, not the producer, who is responsible for setting up the stages of quality control. If you buy Chinese goods, you must make sure that quality control is done on site because you can’t send broken goods back to the manufacturer.

    So, it is very important to check the goods directly at the factory before they are shipped. Once they are in Europe, it will be very hard to fix problems with the quality of the parts or finished products if they were not checked before they left the factory.

    So, the only way to ask the supplier to fix the damage or make changes to the products is to inspect them before paying the rest of the bill. If you buy goods from a Chinese factory, you can do the inspection yourself by going to the factory where the goods are made. If going to China is too hard for you, you can hire an inspector to do the inspection for you.

    How to do quality control and what are the standards : AQL

    Even though Chinese manufacturing is very specialized, it does not always guarantee that everything is perfect. If you buy something from China, you can’t expect it to be perfect, but you can try to get something where the number of flaws, which are not major, is low and equal to 1-2%. We’re talking about flaws that don’t hurt the product or the people who buy it.

    According to ISO 2859-1, the SQL (Acceptable Quality Level) is the maximum number of defective parts that a batch of goods can have before it is thrown out. SQL is allowed because it is related to production risks, but the number is always very low. So, the buyer must make sure that his goods don’t have too many flaws. But how do you know when to accept or reject something? Use the AQL tables to see if you agree and to measure it.

    There are three different kinds of flaws that don’t fit into this category. For most consumer goods, the limits are:

    0% of flaws are considered unacceptable because they could hurt customers or not follow rules;

    2.5% of major flaws that can still be overlooked by the end user;

    4% of the products have small flaws that aren’t exactly as described, but most customers won’t notice them.

    controllo qualità aql
    These ratios change based on how the product is used and where it is sold. For example, there are stricter rules about parts that are used to build buildings or planes.

    Most of the time, this tool is used during final inspections, right before the products are shipped. It can also be used during production, when there are already enough items ready to get an idea of how good the goods are.

    During quality control checks, though, not only are products that are broken looked at, but also:

    the conformity of the packaging (bar codes, inner packaging, and shipping marks); the conformity of the products (e.g., a difference in color is not a defect); the tests listed on the inspection checklist, which can’t always be done on all samples, like when they’re too long or damaging, like with food.
    So, the SQL is a quality limit that can’t be surpassed, and suppliers must bring goods with a higher quality standard than the limit set by the government. If a control fails because it shows an AQL that is too high, the supplier will have to change the goods so that they meet the default standard.

    If you want to be protected in this situation, you should include a specific clause in the contract you make with the supplier.

    Product Quality Control on imports from China: how to do it with Dropship-empire

    Dropship-empire is the place to go if you want to buy things from China without any trouble and be sure to get the things you ordered.

    Dropship-empire lets you make safe purchases because it connects you with certified suppliers and makes sure that all orders are checked to make sure that the goods have the right paperwork to be sold in the EU.

    The quality of the goods is then checked against AQL standards before they are sent out.

    You can ask for a quality check on both products you buy in bulk and products you buy one at a time for dropshipping.

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