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How To Make A Contact Us Page For Your Shopify Store?

    Creating a “contact us” page is something that every website owner and dropshipping business owner does as a matter of course. Almost everyone knows this is the right thing to do, but many contact us pages are not helpful. You can add a page where your users can contact you, but it doesn’t have much useful information or value.

    Because of this, this article will talk about why a Shopify “contact us” page is so important. Find out how to make one.

    What Is a Page to Contact Us?

    A contact us page Shopify is a page on your website that lets your visitors or users get in touch with you. This page might have a phone number, an address, an email address, or a form for getting in touch. This page can be made based on how you want people to get in touch with you.

    Why is it important to have a “contact us” page on Shopify?

    The best way to build trust with your users is to be easy to talk to. Customers can’t get in touch with you if you don’t have a “contact us” page or if that page isn’t good enough. When that happens, people start to doubt the products, services, or solutions you offer.

    Why Make a Shopify Contact Us Page?

    Remember that not every contact us page is made for the same reason. Every company makes its own page based on the services and products it sells. The template may be the same for the whole website, but the main idea for each contact us page on Shopify is different.

    • Help is the first reason. This means helping customers with any problem they have, such as a product exchange, an incomplete order, a return of a product, or any other problem.
    • Sales are another reason. This is done with the help of a page where customers can ask questions about bulk orders or any other purchase.
    • On some websites, the contact us page Shopify is related to PR and press, where you can ask about posting your news or a guest article.
    • Some of Shopify’s “contact us” pages are for questions from people who want to work there. These businesses want to hire people, so they make a “contact us” page where people can find information.

    How to Put Together a Good Contact Us Page

    Creating a useful “contact us” page on Shopify depends on a few important things.

    Simple to Find

    First, make sure that your Shopify “contact us” page is easy to find. It should be in the main menu, and the user should be able to find you with just a few clicks. If they have to look around the whole website to find the “contact us” page, many of them will leave the page and post bad reviews on your social media.

    If you want your website or business to be easy to get in touch with, make a contact us page and a good navigation bar.


    Most people who run a website or dropshipping business make a contact us page that is boring and hard to use. People don’t want to visit this page because it already makes them feel bad.

    So, try making a page that welcomes your customers and asks them to connect with you. The page should have graphics that look good, a clean layout, and the right information.

    Some advice

    Include a welcome message at the top of the page that explains how you can help users. This copy can also be used to fill out the form and sincerely ask your customers to get in touch with you if they have any problems.
    Add information like an email address or phone number. You can also just add a contact form that fills itself out.

    Relevant Data

    As we’ve already talked about in the other tips, you need to include useful information. For example, a working email address where you can reply to messages sent to it. Here, you don’t need an email address that works but you never answer.

    Here are some things you can add:

    • The number for the business that gets a lot of calls.
    • Valid accounts on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
    • A map to help you find your office.
    • An email address that people can use to ask about bulk orders.
    • How long it will take you to respond and when you are open for business.
    • These specifics give the user useful information, which helps them trust your brand.

    Do Something

    Add a CTA to your Shopify “contact us” page or anywhere else on your website. These calls to action should be clear, and the user should know what to do next.

    For example, you might have a banner on your home page that says “Connect with us” and encourages customers to do so. This call-to-action button should take the customer to the “Contact Us” page, where they can fill out a form with their information. Then, your team should get in touch with this lead as soon as they can.

    Your call to action needs to stand out. You need to draw attention to the CTA’s color, font, and text. It should be clear and bright on the page, but it shouldn’t float above or cover the whole page.

    If you can, don’t use “Click Here” or other generic forms for your call to action. Create something unique and understandable.

    Let it fill itself

    If you look at it, you can see that it bothers us when a website doesn’t let us autofill. That’s sad because it means you have to type in your name, address, and email address by hand. We all know that we’ve already shared these details somewhere else, so we should be able to autofill them now.

    So why not let people use autofill?

    Don’t make your contact form user have to type everything in by hand. They should be able to have information like their name and phone number automatically filled in. This will help the user save time and only take one click to add data. You get the information you need, and the customer doesn’t have to waste time.

    This is automatically turned on on some contact us pages on Shopify. But you should make sure that autofill is turned on.

    Use reCAPTCHA

    Last but not least, your website must have reCAPTCHA. There are a lot of bugs and bots that try to spam your data by filling out the form with false information over and over again. Then it’s hard to tell the difference between real users and machine bots. To do this, you should turn on reCAPTCHA, which will stop spam from being sent to your page by robots and bots.

    The great thing about reCAPTCHA is that it has a way to make things work for your users while blocking bots and robots.


    On Shopify, everyone knows how important it is to have a “contact us” page, but we almost never make the right page for the user. Most of the time, we are so busy making a website that is easy to use that a contact page seems unnecessary.

    But your users can get in touch with you through the “contact us” page. So, pay close attention to how you make your “contact us” page and what information you include on it. Go to about data and create the right page for tips and more information.

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