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How To Track A Woocommerce Shipment?

    Not sure what the tracking number means or have questions about the package you’re expecting? This guide will help you learn how to track.

    WooCommerce Shipping is built right into the WordPress dashboard. This makes it easy to use and takes the stress out of processing orders.

    Tracking a shipment

    By adding a link to emails and order pages, the Shipment Tracking extension makes it easy for customers to find out where their packages are.

    Allows you to add shipment tracking information to emails you send to customers, such as the “Completed Order” email.

    Putting in place

    • Make sure your store meets the requirements of the plugin.
    • Your WooCommerce dashboard is where you can get the extension.
    • Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload, and choose the ZIP file you just downloaded.
    • First, click Install Now, then click Activate.
    • To learn how to use the extension, click “Configure” and read the next section.

    Adding order tracking information

    • Note: When an order is marked as “completed,” tracking information is added to the “completed order” email.
    • On the screen where you edit or look at an order, you’ll see a new box where you can write shipment information:

    How to Track a Woocommerce Shipment?Adding Shipment Tracking to an Order

    To add information about the shipment that the customer can see:

    • Details on how to track a package
    • Pick a service. This should be the company you use to ship things. Choose “Custom Provider” if your provider is not on the list.
    • Add the provider’s assigned tracking number. If you choose “custom,” you’ll need to put in the full link to the company’s tracking page, if there is one.

    How to Track a Woocommerce Shipment?

    You can choose a shipping date, which is the date the package was sent.

    (if needed) Check the preview link to make sure it works the way you think it should.

    Don’t lose track. This is also a good time to change the status of the order to “Complete.” By marking the order as “Complete,” the customer will get an email with the tracking number for the order.

    (if needed) Click Add Tracking Number to add more tracking numbers.

    With Woocommerce, you can print labels quickly, save money on shipping, and spend more time growing your business and less time sending out orders.

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