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How to Use Dropship-Empireto Find a Good AliExpress Supplier?

    Choosing the right provider

    It’s hard to find the right supplier for a product. It takes time, research, and sometimes trial and error to find a reliable supplier who can give you quality products, reliable shipping, a steady stock, and safe fulfillment. There are different ways to look for products on AliExpress or with Dropship Empire, each with its own pros and cons. Let’s look at them and give you some tips on how to find the best suppliers and products to sell in your online dropshipping store.’

    Search by hand

    This is simple, and most people do this when they search for a product. Just go to the AliExpress website and type in the name of a product. On the page that shows the search results, there will be a long list of products from different sellers that match your search terms.

    Even though this way of looking for products is easy and makes sense, it is hard to tell which suppliers and products are the best and most reliable. At first, you would have to click on a product to see what other buyers have said about it. This is to make sure that the seller can be trusted and to find out what other people think about the quality of the product. You will also need to check each supplier’s rating and number of sales on its own. Even though you can’t always trust the supplier rating, it is a good sign. If you want to be sure that the products you sell are good, you shouldn’t trust any suppliers with less than 4.5 stars. In the same way, the number of sales gives you a good idea of how well the supplier can provide the product and handle a high number of sales.

    It’s also a good idea to see if a certain seller has a page or store on AliExpress with a list of the other things he has for sale. So, if you find a supplier with good reviews, a lot of sales, and someone you think you can trust, you can think about selling more of their products and maybe even start a business relationship with them.

    Dropship-Empire Find Suppliers

    You can use dropship-empire ‘ Find Suppliers feature to get direct access to suppliers who have been checked out and approved. It’s useful and available to all users, from those with the “forever free” plan to those with the “Pro” plan. With the Find Suppliers feature, you can see a list of suppliers with a track record of sales and a higher rating based on big data analysis from AliExpress and dropship-empire.

    When you first access the feature, you can choose a first product. All of those are AliExpress products, and just like we said before, you can search for specific products by hand. You can also sort the products by some basic categories. For example, you can only see suppliers with warehouses in the US or products for pets. You can also sort the list of results by the number of orders, the newest products, or the prices. This will make it easier for you to find the right provider for you.

    All of the products come from suppliers who have already sold and shipped products to other dropshippers. If any of the suppliers on this list didn’t complete an order, they would be taken off this list. This is to make sure that all of the suppliers that dropship-empire suggests to you can be trusted and that using them in your online dropshipping store won’t cause you any problems with quality or delivery.

    Supplier Finder

    This dropship-empire feature is one of the best ways to quickly find the best suppliers based on rating, price, and speed of delivery. Like the Find Suppliers feature, this one can be reached directly from within dropship-empire. The Supplier Finder helps you find other suppliers who sell the same or similar products as you do or want to sell. If you want to sell this nice red dress in your store, for example, you can use dropship-empire Supplier Finder to find all the AliExpress sellers of the same nice red dress.

    To use the Supplier Finder, you just need to copy the AliExpress URL link of a product you want, like that cute red dress, and paste it into the search box. Then, dropship-empire will look at the product’s information and picture and give you a list of other sellers who have the same nice red dress or other red dresses that are very similar. dropship-empire uses the AliExpress API to look through all of the product listings and offer as alternatives only the best suppliers with a good track record.

    You can sort the results by price, from the cheapest to the most expensive supplier, if, for example, you want to sell more cheap products on your online dropshipping store to make more money. You can also sort the products by shipping time, number of sales, or estimated date of delivery. This gives you the freedom to focus on what’s important to you or what your clients care about. You can also filter the list of results by where the shipping is coming from and where it is going, so you can see right away if a certain supplier on the list can ship your future order to a certain country. Keep in mind that you can also sort by shipping method. If you want to find the best supplier for one of your products and improve the benefits of your online ecommerce store, you should use the Supplier Finder.

    Program for Mass Supply

    Lastly, if you want to find even better and more reliable suppliers with very low prices and are already an established dropshipper with a certain number of regular sales, you can apply to dropship-empire exclusive Mass Supply Program. AliExpress and the 1668 team worked together to make the MSP, which gives its users access to some of the best suppliers in all of China.

    The Mass Supply Program is only available to online store owners who already send AliExpress a certain number of orders each day or each month. All of the proposed suppliers have prices that are lower than average and a track record of always getting orders done. This means that you have access to products that have been checked and are regularly shipped out successfully. Under certain circumstances, the Mass Supply Program can also speed up delivery of certain goods to certain countries, like the US or France.

    Once you are accepted into the dropship-empire Mass Supply Program, you will be given a Supply Account Manager (SAM) who will help you find new suppliers in our database. All of the products you’ll be shown can sometimes have their prices cut by up to 30%, and on average, they’ll all be 15% cheaper. This is great for dropshippers who get a lot of orders through AliExpress.


    It can be hard to find a supplier on AliExpress for your online ecommerce store, especially if you want a supplier that meets your needs for price, shipping time, and quality. There are different ways to do something, and the one you choose may depend on your goals and how much time you have. Some tools, like the Supplier Finder, make it easier to do this search and give you easy benefits. All you need to use the Supplier Finder is a dropship-empire account. Try dropship-empire dropshipping and a different way to find suppliers on AliExpress.

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