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How to Use Trust Badges to Boost Sales in Your Ecommerce Store?

    Putting trust badges on your website lets people know that you are a reliable business. Most of the time, you can get trust badges from a third party and put them on your website to show customers that you are a legitimate business.

    What is a badge of trust?

    Trust badges are exactly what they sound like. It shows that people can trust your site. Trust badges are usually found on the checkout page of e-commerce or dropshipping sites. These trust badges make sure that the checkout page is safe and that your credit card and bank account information is safe.

    When you think about it, most trust badges have some sort of security feature that helps keep your credit card, personal information, or other information safe. This means that we can also say that trust badges are really trust seals that are given based on how safe your website is.

    Do you think that trust badges can help you increase sales?

    Trust badges can, of course, help your credibility and sales. This is because there are more and more cyber threats today. People don’t buy from online or dropshipping stores that are new. If you use trust badges from Shopify, PayPal, and other reliable sources, people will trust your website, too.

    In this article, we talked about how to add trust badges and get more people to buy from you.

    Types of Badges of Trust

    There are five types of trust badges that you can add to your website to make it seem more trustworthy. Each Shopify trust badge serves a different purpose, so you can put them all on your website at the same time.

    Find out what these trust badges are:

    Checkout is safe

    The secure checkout badge is without a doubt the most important trust badge on our list. When you use an SSL certificate, the company gives you a Secure Socket Layer protection seal that keeps your customers’ checkout information safe. SSL certificate lets data travel through a secure tunnel so that a cyberattacker can’t see what’s going on. RapidSSL certificate, AlphaSSL certificate, and Comodo SSL certificate are some low-cost SSL certs that an eCommerce store can install on the server to reassure customers that their data is safe.

    With this trust badge, your customers can be sure that the checkout process you use is safe and reliable, and that the information they give you is encrypted and kept safe. Trust is the key to getting more sales.

    There are a lot of trust badges for safe checkouts, like VeriSign, Norton, and so on.

    Shipping is free.

    Free shipping is another important trust badge that your dropshipping store should offer to its customers. This trust badge lets people know that they can return products and get them back without having to pay extra for shipping or anything else.

    We should put a trust badge for a secure checkout on the checkout page, but you can put this badge anywhere on your website. This trust badge should be on the home page of the website and on all the pages that say “Add to Cart.” This will let users see if a product ships for free and add it to their cart right away.

    • Why do we need this trust badge?
    • It is important to keep your customers’ trust by explaining what your free shipping trust badge means.
    • You can get your money back if you don’t like this badge.

    Payment Trust Badge

    Customers can trust your dropshipping store when they see a payment trust badge from a well-known company. For example, a payment badge from Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc. can help your payment page. Add a payment badge to your website to make people more likely to trust your dropshipping store.

    What’s the point of this badge?

    This payment trust badge helps users trust your portal and process when they need to pay online. In fact, this badge helps them trust your dropshipping store even more. Think about it. If PayPal trusts this store, wouldn’t you think that I can buy from it?

    Guaranteed money back

    The money-back badge is one of the best trust badges on our list. This money-back guarantee means that you can give the customer their money back if the services or products don’t meet market standards. For example, the customer knows they can get their money back if they can’t find a good way to use the product as promised.

    The company itself makes this kind of trust badge. You don’t need someone else to make a badge for you that says “money-back guarantee.”

    But keep in mind that when you add this trust badge to your website, you should make sure that it is clear and easy for every user to see.


    Users can get endorsement trust badges from many different businesses. Such as a badge of approval from Google Customer Review, etc. You have to fill out a form and meet the requirements of the provider in order to get one of these trust badges. This will help you get the appropriate badge of trust.

    How to Use Trust Badges

    Do you want your website or dropshipping store to have trust badges?

    If so, check out this list of free trust badges, like Shopify and PayPal trust badges. Trust badges, like the McAfee Secure badge, can also be bought.

    Shopify’s Seal of Trust

    The first trust mark is the Shopify trust mark. This badge is easy to add to your website if you run a dropshipping business on Shopify. You can also drag and drop 670 different payment badges onto the pages of your website with Shopify.

    But if you want to put a Shopify trust badge on more than one page of your dropshipping store, you need a premium membership.

    PayPal Trust Badge

    If you let people pay you through PayPal, you can get a PayPal trust badge. This is a good thing to have on your website because it shows customers that they can trust you.

    You can now put these trust badges on your Shopify store by downloading them in PNG format.

    • Here are the badges you can choose from:
    • PayPal backs it up. We pay for return shipping. Help small businesses. has more than trust badges you can download and put on your website. These things are:

    • Checkout Guaranteed to Be Safe
    • You can get all your money back.
    • Fully Safe SSL Checkout Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days
    • AED 256-BIT SSL Secure has a lot more trust badges for you to choose from. But you can’t use these badges if they have the logo on them. You need a premium account to get the logo.

    Badge of Convertible Trust

    Convertful lets us download 60 free trust badges in the PNG format. Every trust badge has different styles that you can choose from based on how your store looks.

    Some of Convertful’s trust badges are:

    • Shipping and delivery are both free.
    • Fast check-out
    • Delivery and shipping are quick.
    • Secure payments
    • Payment options
    • Guaranteed money back
    • How trust badges make sales better

    As we’ve already talked about, trust badges help you show customers that your website and payment portal are safe.

    Did you know that 17% of customers leave a shopping cart because they don’t feel safe making a purchase on the website?

    More people will trust you if you show a trust badge from a trusted source, like PayPal, right before the payment. This 17% of customers can stay with you.

    Check out this study on how easy it is to use Checkout. It says that customers are more likely to trust a website or dropshipping store based on how it looks than on how well they understand how it works. And adding a little bit of trust to your website makes it seem safer to your customers.

    Even a simple trust badge can make people more likely to trust your site. But we recommend that you only use trust badges from sources you know you can trust, like Trust Badge Shopify or PayPal.


    Trust badges help your website or dropshipping store look more trustworthy, which leads to more sales. Check out the information above about trust badges to improve your sales and conversions.

    If you want to make as much money as possible from your dropshipping store, use trust badges and a dropshipping tool. For instance, dropship-empire is a powerful dropshipping tool that helps you increase conversions and make the most money possible from your dropshipping store. Learn more about the dropship-empire tool by going to our website.

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