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These Food And Drink Items Will Spice Up Your Store

    Do you want to open a new online store where people can buy food and drinks? Or, would you like to add these goods to your existing e-commerce business? Add the hottest items to your offer and sales to make them more exciting.

    Why did we put this list together?

    We run one of the biggest platforms on the market for dropshipping and wholesale. It lets us see what people are looking for on both sides of the market: (1) People who shop in online stores; (2) stores that buy items from suppliers to sell. Not only that, but we know what’s popular.

    We looked closely at what the Food and Drink suppliers on the dropship-empire Marketplace have to offer.

    Based on what we’ve seen, we’d like to suggest not only some specific types of food and drinks, but also some good companies that sell them at the time this article was written.

    Isn’t it exciting?

    Food and drinks that will be good to sell in 2023

    Don’t worry about selling food and drinks in 2023. Almost every kind of product is being bought online by more and more people. Food and drinks are becoming as important as clothes when it comes to online shopping.

    Based on a survey done in 2021, 53% of buyers said they were likely to keep buying groceries online, which had become more popular in the past few years because of the pandemic.

    Now, let’s look at the food and drink product categories that customers like. We’re going to talk about which specific products are popular in each broad category, and we’ll also recommend suppliers.

    Food that is organic and natural

    One of the most popular Food and Drink products right now is organic and natural food. It’s because eco-awareness and sustainability are becoming more and more important.


    On our list of Food and Drink items that are worth selling, coffee is the second item we talk about. You can sell organic coffee, coffee beans, coffee capsules, and coffee with different tastes.

    What Athletes Eat

    In the last few years, sports goods have always been among the best sellers. It might be a good idea to sell activewear, fitness accessories, and sports nutrition. People who play sports often buy different kinds of sports nutrition to show that they live a healthy life.


    If you sell baked goods, you can reach a wide range of people. Teen girls and boys, adult women and men. You can also sell baking accessories that can be used every day and that kids can use to help their parents bake while having fun.


    There are many good things about selling snacks in the Food and Drink category. Most of the time, they are easy to ship. Also, they can be bought for an affordable price. It’s also possible to buy things on the spot. You can also sell a lot of different kinds of snacks.


    Spices are seasonings that are added to food while it is still being made. It’s easy to sell them. We can’t say they are always cheap because there are some very rare spices that cost a lot.


    Condiments are Food and Drink products that are usually added to food at the table, after it is already cooked, to make it taste better. There are also some very unique condiments on the market that make food taste different.


    If you want to sell cooking products from the Food and Drink product category, you can choose from a wide range of items to sell to your target audience. Note that we are not talking about the tools and gadgets used while cooking.


    Selling drinks can be a great niche if you focus on a small local market where special drinks aren’t sold in stores, for example. Also, people in big cities often choose to buy drinks online because it is easier.

    Fruits and Vegetables

    You should definitely only sell fruits and vegetables to people in your area. Or to people who live close to the warehouse of your dropshipping supplier. Keeping them fresh is a good way to keep customers happy.


    We drink tea every day, just like we drink coffee. It means taking care of yourself, living in the moment, being healthy, and putting your attention on the good things in life. On the market, you can also find flavors with very unique tastes.

    For babies

    When it comes to baby food, your target market is smaller but still big, depending on where you sell your products. Make sure that everything you give to moms and kids is 100% healthy.

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