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More of the Best Wix Apps to Help Your Online Store Sell More

    You’re just starting out with Wix? Want a great set of tools to help you manage your online store? If that’s the case, you’re in the right place! Here, you can find the best Wix apps for your online store. These apps will help you with everything you need for your store, from keeping track of products to keeping the books. Everyone knows that if you want to do well in your niche, you need an online store. But not everyone knows enough about technology to set up a website. Because of this, Wix has begun making apps for websites that are simple and easy to use.

    Again, your business could take off like a rocket. In fact, you should use it to your advantage and make the most of it. You need to look at your analytics to find out which of your products are the most popular. So, you’ll know what to promote. I’ve put together this list of the best Wix apps for your online store to help you do that. But before you do that, why don’t you take a quick look at What is Wix?

    What’s Wix?

    Wix is a website builder that is proud to be modern and easy to use. But what many people don’t know is that Wix has a lot of useful apps that make it even easier to use. On the Wix App Market, these must-have apps are designed to not only keep your website running, but also help it do well in the future. By giving people a smooth and sophisticated experience on the web, websites are implicitly promoted and leave people with a good impression.

    The Wix app works like an add-on to your website, making it better and letting you change it to your liking. Don’t know which one to pick? This blog tells you about the six most important Wix apps for your online store.

    The best Wix apps for your online store

    Your main goal for your online shop should be to leave nothing but what your customers want. Have you ever gone to a website and been upset that you couldn’t find what you wanted? Have you ever gone to a website to make a reservation and found that you couldn’t do it online and had to call the company instead?

    High bounce rates are caused by all of these things. If you do this, your chances of being successful are ruined before the viewer knows what you have to offer. The Wix App Market wants to fix this problem and give you a way to make your website easier to use and more fun to look at. We recommend that you add these top 6 features to all of your Wix sites, no matter what kind of online store you have.

    dropship-empire- AliExpress Dropshipping – Enjoy the AliExpress Whitelist

    AliExpress and dropship-empire are partners in dropshipping, and dropship-empire is one of the best-rated apps on the Wix App Market. This is a great way to find products, find new suppliers, or place 100 orders on AliExpress at once.

    To start using dropship-empire, all you have to do is install the plugin and sign up for an account. Then, choose a platform and connect your store to it. Then, choose a plan and connect your AliExpress account. Once you’ve finished the tutorial, you’re ready to go.

    Dropship-Empire has everything you need to get your dropshipping business off the ground:

    • The Supplier Finder feature gives you access to only a few, trusted suppliers.
    • You can easily add new products and make changes right in dropship-empire.
    • You can place hundreds of orders per minute without AliExpress getting in the way. You also don’t have to worry about tracking and syncing orders. It will be automatically synced in dropship-empire.

    Wix Chat: Get Your Customers Involved

    If your comments aren’t personal or urgent, Wix Chat adds a one-on-one chat room between you and the other person.

    It works by putting a small chat window on your website, where visitors can ask questions about your product and you can answer them right away.

    The main parts of Wix Chat are:

    • Get instant alerts when someone starts a conversation in a talk room.
    • Make greetings or welcome texts happen automatically to save time.
    • Use lead capture forms to get more information from your visitors.
    • Save answers that can be used again for common questions.
    • With this app, you can improve your customer service skills by presenting yourself as a reliable and useful source of information. Giving the information you need in real-time conversations builds relationships and makes it easier to get leads. Also, annoying pop-up windows won’t get in the way of how your site looks.

    Omnisend: Email and text message marketing for online stores

    Omnisend is a marketing automation platform for email and text messages that helps ecommerce brands on Wix build customer loyalty and keep making sales. Omnisend does this by putting its attention on the whole on-site funnel, from building a list to keeping customers.

    Omnisend is a marketing tool that helps brands reach their customers through email, SMS, and push notifications. They can also connect their data with ads on Facebook and Google to make better audiences of people who are like them.

    Some of Omnisend’s features are:

    • Bring your store’s logo, colors, and fonts into your emails and pop-ups automatically.
    • Use automation workflows to send emails to customers automatically when they do something. This will help you sell around the clock.
    • You can reach your customers better if you divide them into as many groups as you want using different rules and conditions.
    • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder that imports products automatically, uses Google fonts, lets you change anything, etc.
    • Easy integration with Wix so you can start in minutes
    • Omnisend also has a free plan that gives you access to all of its features. You can send free messages to up to 250 people per month.

    POWR Price Table – To Keep Track of Costs

    With Price Table, you can make tables with prices for goods, services, packages, or plans that you design yourself. Not only that, Price Table gives you a visually appealing way to increase the average order value by letting you up-sell and cross-sell your products and/or services.

    You can also package your products, show them in a comparison table, and highlight your most popular package with this app.

    The best things about POWR Price Table are:

    • Emphasize your most popular plans to get more sales. Use the “Buy Now” button on PayPal to make a payment or sign up for a service.
    • Look at related products or different ways to package them to raise the average order value.
    • Fully customizable design.
    • You can list the features of as many products or plans as you want and choose the colors, fonts, backgrounds, and call buttons.

    Wix Stores: To Sell Things Online

    Wix Stores is a good way to do online business if you want to sell your products. You can build an online store on top of an existing Wix website without losing functionality. It’s one of the most popular apps on the Wix App Market.

    The best things about Wix Stores are:

    • Make product pages, shopping carts, and more, and change how they look.
    • Orders, inventory, shipping, and finances are all under your full control. You can sell on many different platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.
    • Set up and accept payments in a safe way online.
    • Send automated emails to customers who left items in their shopping carts, promote seasonal sales, and give discounts to loyal customers.

    Wix Stores is basically an all-in-one platform for packaging that lets you connect your customers with your products.

    Carti: Recovering an abandoned cart – Recapture Conversations

    Carti is the best app for marketing to carts that have been left behind through email, SMS, push, and messenger. Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery is made to help your online store make as much money as possible by collecting carts that have been left behind.

    In order to get more people to buy, the app gives visitors a personalized experience by talking to them on the platform of their choice and sending them to the checkout page to finish their purchase. You can also set up your app to offer discounts as a way to get more people to buy.

    Some things about Carti are:

    • Bring back automatic shopping carts and browses, receive orders, update fulfillment, and more.
    • Multi-channel marketing includes SMS messages, email marketing, Facebook Messenger, and web push notifications.
    • With just one click, coupons and discounts can be used automatically.
    • A multi-channel explosion campaign with personal tags and planning for different time zones.

    Quick Books Connector: Get rid of mistakes made by people when entering data manually

    You can automate your accounting with this QuickBooks Connector app by syncing sales from your website with your existing QuickBooks Online account. Spend less time moving invoices, customers, and products by hand from one app to another.

    The QuickBooks Connector makes it easy for business apps to share data. Handle hard things (accurate accounting) by converting data based on more than 10 years of experience. You can connect your apps and set up how they share data without having to know anything about technology.

    QuickBooks is known for the following:

    • Order something from a Wix Apps (store, booking, event, or hotel available on Wix App Market)
    • Get orders based on how they are paid for.
    • Give your shop order’s tax code to the tax code in QuickBooks Online.
    • When a product is made in the store, it will be added to your QuickBooks Online account.


    To use your Wix website well, you need to know which app you need from the Wix App Market. This article looked at 6 of the best Wix apps for your online store, such as the best dropshipping apps, reminders for carts that have been left behind, and the best Wix Store. Let’s look at what you can do with these 6 great Wix apps.

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