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Everything You Need to Know About Wix Dropshipping in 2023

    Dropshipping is probably something you’ve heard of, whether you’re already in eCommerce or just starting out. In the past few years, it has definitely stayed as one of the most talked-about topics.

    One platform you can use to open an online store is Wix. Wix is liked by many users because it is easy to use. This platform is good for people who are just starting out and have never used an online store platform before.

    Does Wix allow dropshipping?

    Yes, that’s the answer. With Wix, you can run your dropshipping business. Customers can order all the items they love from your Wix site. After that, these orders go straight to your suppliers. As soon as they get your order, they’ll send the goods to your customers.

    If you use Wix’s dropshipping service, you can easily control all aspects of your online store from your Wix dashboard, including making your store and changing the details of your products.

    Even if you don’t know much about business, you can start a dropshipping business with Wix. With Wix, you can make beautiful storefronts and use the dashboard to get to business tools. Taking care of the settings and details of your store is very easy. But one problem you might run into is that it takes a long time and doesn’t work well to handle a lot of customer orders at once. A smart dropshipping tool like dropship-empire can help you deal with this problem and save you a lot of time and effort. It’s important to note that dropship-empire works well with Wix to make sure that dropshipping online is safe.

    A reliable server can make sure that your online store works well. Wix also gives your customers a number of ways to pay. Most credit cards, PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, and debit cards can be used to pay the merchant.

    How to Use Wix to Dropship


    To start dropshipping on Wix, all you have to do is sign up for an account at When you sign up your business on Wix, you can give all the information about it, like the name, address, phone number, etc.

    Make a custom website for dropshipping

    You can easily change how your store looks. After setting up your business, you can use the Wix dashboard to access more than 80 online store templates. Wix gives you access to powerful online business tools and a lot of other useful features for your online business as well. Adding videos, photos, and text to the store is easy.

    Choose the products you want to Choose the products you want to dropship.

    Before you start your dropshipping business on Wix, this is another important step you must take. You can put all the things you like on your online store. It’s a good idea for your store to have interesting content, beautiful pictures, and the right price.

    Keep track of your orders

    When your store is done, you can start selling to people. You can keep track of all of your orders from your dashboard. It’s easy to check on the status of fulfillment, set up the confirmation status, send thank-you emails, and check on the progress of shipping. You can keep an eye on everything from your dashboard.

    Wix Dropshipping Store Pros and Cons


    • With Wix, it’s easy to set up an online store. Using a Wix app can also make the process of dropshipping easier.
    • It doesn’t cost much to use Wix. The best deal is a $23 plan from Wix. Wix also gives its customers a discount when they use this platform. Most of the time, Wix gives its customers a 50% discount. Wix is the most affordable platform because of this.
    • You can find great dropshipping apps in Wix’s app store. It doesn’t have as many dropshipping apps as other platforms, but the ones it does have, like Modalyst, Printful, and dropship-empire, are pretty good.


    • Wix isn’t as flexible as some of the other best eCommerce platforms. Platforms that are easy to use cost more because they are less flexible. Wix has automatic translations in some places, but if your online store is in a language other than English, they might not work right.
    • Wix doesn’t have as many dropshipping platforms as other eCommerce platforms. Wix doesn’t have a lot of good dropshipping apps.
    • Wix doesn’t give the right instructions for dropshipping. Wix is not as good as other eCommerce platforms when it comes to dropshipping guides. This can be a big problem for people who are new to dropshipping with Wix because they can’t get the most out of their business.

    Dropshipping with Wix is a good idea because: 

    You don’t need an inventory

    Wix lets you upload pictures of your inventory, so you don’t have to register it first. Stocks stay in the hands of the supplier until they are sold. When a customer buys it, the supplier sends it right to them. Check out a product carefully before putting it in your Wix online store.

    It’s easy to take care of.

    With Wix, it’s easy to keep track of your products and sales because you don’t have to do it yourself. You can do that with Modalyst. In the same way, if you automatically change prices on your website, you won’t have to keep an eye on how prices change.

    Shipping management isn’t needed

    It’s not your job to pick, pack, and ship your products to your customers. This job is done by the suppliers. You are only responsible for making your online store.

    You only need a small amount of money to start.

    Wix doesn’t need as much money as some other eCommerce platforms do. Dropshipping can be started for less than $30. The only cost that needs to be paid up front is for a website provider. No inventory needs to be paid for up front. Dropshipping with Amazon or eBay is a free way to start a business.

    No real estate costs

    If you use Wix for dropshipping, you don’t have to keep stock in a warehouse. Everything is taken care of by your dropshipper. There are even some things you can sell from your own home. Most small businesses are run out of people’s living rooms or kitchens.

    There are many things to choose from

    AliExpress has more than a million products and tens of thousands of sellers, so it’s easy to get started. Just pick the ones you like and get going.

    A chance for a market around the world

    The eCommerce industry is growing quickly, and it is now easier to do business across borders. You can reach people all over the world with your business. All that needs to be done is to find suppliers in certain areas or ones that deliver worldwide.

    It’s easy to start.

    You don’t need a college degree or experience to start an online business on Wix. It will be enough to know a little bit. There is no need to start from scratch when making an e-commerce site. Wix is a website-building tool that anyone can use.

    Available suppliers

    Many suppliers look for different ways to grow their sales channels. Online dropshippers know that working with them can be profitable. This makes it easy to find a supplier for your online store.

    Last Words

    If you want to start a dropshipping business, you might find that Wix is the best way to do it. With this platform, it’s easy to get the word out about your business online. Wix is one of the most popular places to start an e-commerce business if you want to do dropshipping.

    In the meantime, you need to think about how to grow your dropshipping business quickly. There are a lot of things you should think about, like marketing strategies, how efficient your work is, and dropshipping tools like dropship-empire.

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