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Which is Better for Your Business in 2023: Shopify or Wix?

    If you want to sell things online and think it would be a great business, you may need an e-commerce platform to get started. There are some good options, like Wix and Shopify, which is good news.

    The article compares Shopify and Wix to help you decide which is best for your business. This article will go into detail about their most important features in different ways, so you can learn more about each choice and decide which one is best for you.

    What’s Shopify?

    Shopify isn’t just one product; it’s a platform with many e-commerce features that you can use to open an online store and manage your products. It has a free 14-day trial for its starter plan, which is a big perk for people who want to open an online store on it.

    As an e-commerce platform, Shopify gives you all the business tools you need in a place you already know. Then it makes sure you can easily access and integrate any other business tools you want or need.

    With Shopify, you can sell to customers no matter where they are. This means you can sell your products on your own website or in person, like in your store or at a trade show. You can also sell them on marketplaces like AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay, as well as on social media sites like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc.

    Since it works with AliExpress, which is the most popular marketplace and has thousands of dropshipping suppliers, you can find reliable suppliers on it. So, if you want to start a dropshipping online store, Shopify and a few dropshipping tools can be very helpful.

    Shopify focuses on important things like making and designing online stores, managing products, etc. With these e-commerce features, it’s not hard to open an online store.

    What’s Wix?

    • Wix is a website builder that cares more about how the whole website is put together. There are such ways you can build your website if you want to:
    • Use the templates Wix gives you to build your own site. You can start from scratch with a blank template or open one made by a designer. Then you can add things like images, text, and contact forms, and put them wherever you want on your site.
      Use Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to build your website automatically. Wix ADI is made to build websites automatically. After asking you a few questions about your site and the style you like, Wix ADI will make a site for you with custom content and images.

    Also, you can make your online store on Wix, and dropship-empire now supports Wix stores, so you can use dropship-empire to manage dropshipping orders from your Wix store. Check out the Wix Store Support article for more information about what DS users could do.

    Shopify vs. Wix: Key Differences

    Since Shopify and Wix are both similar platforms, you can open your online store on either one.

    for your business on the web. Next, the article compares Shopify and Wix has different ways: store customization, online store features, pricing, customer support, ease of use, and site plans.

    Store Customization

    Shopify is a platform that lets you customize the look of your online store. Shopify has more than 60 themes that are professionally made and can be changed to fit your needs. You can add as many product pages as you want.

    Features of E-commerce

    Wix has nearly everything you need to sell things online. But, in general, Shopify has more advanced e-commerce features because it is a platform that is only used for e-commerce.

    Shopify was made to be an e-commerce platform, so it has many useful e-commerce features that cover every part of the sales process. It also has more advanced tools for e-commerce, especially for shipping, reports, and user accounts. Shopify has multiple payment gateways, tools for managing inventory, tools for integrating with third-party platforms, shopping carts, and tools for managing orders.

    Wix is mostly for making websites, so most of the tools on it are for making websites. E-commerce features are only available in Wix’s business and e-commerce plans, but they are in every Shopify plan.


    Shopify costs more than Wix. Shopify’s e-commerce plan starts at $29 per month, while Wix’s starts at $23. Shopify, on the other hand, has more features. Wix’s business plan will give you different ways to accept payments and sell your products at a lower cost.

    But when looking at prices, it’s also important to know how much each platform charges for transactions. These fees can have a big effect on the total monthly cost of your website and how much money you make.

    The transaction fee for the Basic Shopify plan is the same as Wix’s: 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. But as your business grows, this fee will go down to 2.6% and 2.4% if you sign up for the Shopify and Shopify Advanced plans.

    Help for customers

    Wix gives its US customers phone support 24/7, but reviewers often say that getting in touch with a customer service rep is hard and takes a long time. Instead, Shopify offers help by phone, live chat, and email around the clock, every day of the year.

    Simple to Use

    Wix is easier to use than Shopify and can help you build your store faster. Wix is made for people who are just starting out and for small businesses. It has steps and videos to help you get started.

    Also, since most of its tools are used to build websites, you don’t have to do as much to get your online store up and running. Shopify, on the other hand, has more tools for promoting your online store and more themes for customizing it. However, opening an online store with Shopify takes more time. So, Wix is easier to use for making an online store.

    It also has a lot of templates for building websites, so if you want to make a site that looks like it was made by a pro, you can start quickly and easily. To reach the goal, Shopify would need more time and steps.

    Site Plan for Wix

    Wix offers those ways to make a website. And each plan has its own features that help you make a website that looks good. Also, with its Combo, Unlimited, Pro, and VIP plans, you can get a domain name for free for a year. After that, you only have to pay $14.95 per year. Shopify, on the other hand, doesn’t have plans for building websites; it only has plans for e-commerce.

    Last word

    You now have a better idea of how the two platforms work, and you can see that each has its own pros and cons. But Shopify might be a better choice for your business because it has more e-commerce features. Also, Shopify will help you make and decorate your online store because it has many tools for starting and running online stores.

    Now, if you want to start an online store, you can choose either Shopify or Wix, depending on what you need.

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