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Online Shops with Affiliate Programs

    It is anticipated that by the end of 2024, the global eCommerce retail market will have expanded to a value of $6.38 trillion USD. This demonstrates the ever-increasing demand for e-commerce, but it also shows that the market can easily accommodate the influx of new suppliers. WP Forms estimates that there are between 12 and 24 million eCommerce sites online, and that number is growing daily. However, only about 1 million of these sites generate more than $1,000 in annual revenue, indicating a fiercely competitive market.

    Businesses selling to other businesses as well as consumers need to develop and implement a marketing strategy that will help them stand out from the crowd. Like their B2C counterparts, B2B companies can take advantage of affiliate marketing to spread the word. Affiliate marketing is a growing industry that is expected to generate $7.4 billion in the United States by 2024. This article will break down affiliate marketing so that you can see the similarities and differences between dropshipping and the affiliate marketing business model. Furthermore, you will be provided with a list of ten eCommerce companies that provide affiliate programs to other businesses and individuals in the eCommerce and dropshipping sector.

    So, what exactly is affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing allows businesses to promote their goods and services by enlisting the help of other websites to boost their online visibility and generate leads. Affiliates are independent parties who promote a company in exchange for a financial reward based on the level of success they bring in. When it comes to business-to-consumer (B2C) brands or companies, affiliate marketing (also known as “influencer marketing”) is common knowledge due to its prevalence on social media. But B2B affiliate marketing can take many forms depending on the nature of the business being promoted. I’ll just name a few examples where affiliates use their own eCommerce or other networks to promote the product or service:

    • Placement of banner ads on the affiliate’s website
    • Making interesting pieces that get people talking about the business;
    • developing promotional visuals like videos and images;
    • Promoting a product or service by emailing an existing list of recipients.

    Affiliate programs have many benefits.

    Both the advertising firm and the affiliate can benefit greatly from this type of marketing. In the long run, your affiliate can earn a passive income stream by working for you on a periodic basis. You’ll need to do the following to make this happen:

    • Ensure that your affiliate content is being seen by as many people as possible by maintaining a steady stream of visitors to your blog, website, or social media accounts;
    • Pick the companies and brands you have a positive impression of and that you think your readers will want to learn more about;
    • Consider how you can differentiate yourself from other affiliates promoting similar products or services by making your content more engaging.

    Read on to learn which companies offer a dropshipping affiliate program that you could join as a dropshipper now that you understand the advantages and mechanics of affiliate marketing.B

    This list ranks the best online merchants that provide affiliate programs

    Consider signing up for an affiliate program provided by experts in your field if you run a dropshipping or eCommerce business or are a part of a market with a known concentration of dropshippers and eCommerce enthusiasts. You can increase your monthly income and spread the word about a cause close to your heart by doing so. Let’s get started by identifying a B2B dropshipper whose affiliate program you could potentially join.


    Affiliates can benefit from dropship-empire dropshipping service because it is one of the largest and most rapidly expanding B2B luxury fashion marketplaces. dropship-empire is the ideal B2B company to collaborate with if you are a part of the high-end fashion market or create content related to it. If you join their dropshipping affiliate program and place a unique link on your site, you will earn 15% of each subscription sale. You can start earning a commission on sales made through links to dropship-empire dropshipping program immediately, and they will have up to a year to sign up and begin working with dropship-empire. For as long as they remain a dropship-empire customer, you will continue to receive payment.


    Shopify is one of the best-known and second-most-used Content Management Systems (CMS) for online stores around the world. It has everything an eCommerce business owner would need to start an online business. If your audience is made up of people who want to open an eCommerce store, you might want to join Shopify’s affiliate program. You can get a one-time commission through this affiliate program once the store you sent them has finished their 14-day trial and signed up for a paid plan. The one-time payment is equal to 200% of the price of the person you referred’s monthly payment plan. If you also have a website with Shopify, you can get priority support for your store and Shopify content that you can share with your audience.F


    Wix is another popular Content Management System (CMS) on our list. It is a great and innovative way for eCommerce retailers to build their own websites. , By 2024, more than 2 million people will have used this platform to build eCommerce sites. Wix’s affiliate program can be a great choice for you if your audience is looking for a great way to host, build, and manage their own eCommerce stores. If you join this affiliate program, you can make $100 for every person you get to upgrade before their 14-day trial is up. Wix will also send you high-quality creatives and banners in many languages so that you can promote them on your website. The only bad thing about this program is that you don’t get paid if you don’t make at least $300 in a given month. This way, your earnings will add up and you won’t get paid until you reach this amount.


    Coursera’s affiliate program can be perfect for you if your audience wants to improve themselves by taking online courses in dropshipping or any other subject. Coursera has more than 4,000 classes on a wide range of topics that you can use to reach more people. Once you’ve picked the courses you think your visitors will be most interested in, you’ll get banners and text links that you can put on your website or share on social media. If the person you told about the course signs up, you can get between 10% and 45% of the course’s price as a commission. This is a one-time payment that is based on how much the course costs each month. You can also get paid a commission if the person you sent there signs up for more than one course using your affiliate link.


    Dropified gives dropshippers who sell through WooCommerce, Shopify, and other platforms a software solution that makes it easy to import, manage, and ship products from multiple suppliers. If you think your audience would be interested in this service, you can join Dropified’s dropshipping affiliate program and start making money by sending customers their way. When you tell someone about Dropified and they sign up as a new partner, you’ll get a cut of their subscription plan for the first 12 months of their partnership. Dropified gives you a 60-day “cookie” and other marketing materials like website banners and email content so you can reach the right people with what they have to offer. With this dropshipping affiliate program, you’ll need to keep bringing in new customers so that you can keep making money even after the first dropshipper you referred has been working with Dropified for over a year.


    Volusion’s eCommerce services make it easy for business owners to set up, run, and grow their stores. If you have a group of people who want to improve their eCommerce business, Volusion’s affiliate program will be very interesting to them. As an affiliate, if the person you referred signs up for a plan, you will get a 200% commission on the first month’s payment. As plans range from $29 to $299 or more, you have a great chance of getting a good commission for every referral you get. You can also save 35% on monthly plans and get support from a dedicated partner while building and running your own online store.


    Wholesale2b is not a traditional dropshipping supplier. Instead, it is a company that offers technical solutions for your dropshipping website and acts as a middleman between a dropshipper and its suppliers. By joining their dropshipping affiliate program, you can tell your target audience about a service that helps them start a dropshipping business and sign up for a software that not only helps them find products but also handles returns and automates the fulfillment process. As an affiliate, you’ll get banners and links that you can put on your website or use in your social media or email marketing. Once a dropshipper you referred signs up for Wholesale2b, you will get a portion of their monthly subscription fee as long as they stay a member.


    FindNiche is not a typical dropshipping supplier or middleman. Instead, it is a company that helps dropshippers find their niche, as the name suggests. Dropshippers can order AliExpress and Shopify analytics and Ad Spy on social media platforms to find out which dropshipping products and niches are doing the best and what customers want to find winning products. This service can help both new and experienced dropshippers, so if you’re interested in its dropshipping affiliate program, it’s a good choice for you as well. With this dropshipping affiliate program, you can get a cut of every payment the dropshipper you referred makes for the rest of their life. Once your earnings reach $50 USD, they will be sent to you every month.


    HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms. It can help a lot with both happy and unhappy customers. HubSpot’s affiliate program is one you should look into if your audience already has an eCommerce store and wants to grow it even more. As an affiliate, you can make 100% of the monthly price of the plan that the person you referred chooses. You will have two options. You can choose a 15% recurring monthly rate for a whole year, or you can choose a 100% flat rate that you will also get after the referral. Also, you will get a cut of all the purchases that the eCommerce business owner you referred makes as long as they use your affiliate link to make the purchase.

    DropShipping One

    DropShipping One is the last thing on our list. It is a platform that connects dropshippers with dropshipping suppliers from all over the world. They offer products from both big companies and small artisans so that their dropshipping partners can choose from a wide range of unique items. DropShipping One’s main goal is to connect dropshippers with suppliers. It doesn’t offer automation or services after the sale. When you join their dropshipping affiliate program, you get website banners and a personal link that you can use to advertise to your audience. DropShipping One will give you a cookie that will track a new customer’s activity for 90 days. This gives them time to sign up and buy a service so that you can get a commission as an affiliate. Once a dropshipper you sent to DropShipping One makes a purchase, you will get a commission based on a percentage as long as they keep making purchases and using DropShipping One’s services.

    To conclude

    As you can see from our long list above, if you are in the eCommerce or dropshipping market, there are a lot of affiliate programs to choose from. By joining one or more of these affiliate programs, you can not only make targeted ads that your visitors will be interested in, but you can also make a steady stream of money without putting in too much time and effort.

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