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Shopify Minimal Theme Review: Why Less Is More When It Comes To Design To Sell More?

    Some themes are meant to be daring and bold, while others say so much more with so little.

    Minimalist art is used in web designs that don’t have a lot of information.

    One example is the Shopify Minimal theme, which comes with three designs that try to keep your store as clean as possible.

    “Less is more” is the idea behind this theme.

    In this review of the Shopify Minimal theme, we’ll try to figure out what it’s best for. We’ll look at how to use it in the most basic way and what you can get out of it.

    I would also think carefully about your theme, since you can’t really change it once your store is set up.

    If you decide to change something after you have uploaded all of your products and pages, you will have to start from the beginning.

    This means that you’ll have to upload everything all over again. Having said that, you should look carefully at the themes you are thinking about.

    Think carefully about how they will go with the products in your Shopify store. Once you’ve decided, there’s not much you can do to change your mind.

    Simple Shopify theme that’s free

    The Minimal Shopify theme was made by Shopify, and new drop shippers can use it for free. There are three different styles to this theme: vintage, fashion, and modern.

    The background of The Vintage is plain white. About 60% of the space where a bold slider should be is taken up by the sliders.

    The slider goes straight to the blog, where you can give your customers news and tips. You can change this if you want to run a blog.

    After the blog, there are two rows of your products, and then one product that you want to draw attention to.

    The Fashion style is made so that you can show a lot of photos of your products to promote them.

    The slider takes up more horizontal space than the Vintage. The different collections are right below the slider.

    There are a few spots below the collections where you can highlight individual products or put a map that shows where your store is.

    The Modern style is a mix of the Vintage style and the Fashion style.

    It has a short slider, but you can make collections that you can put right under the slider. In the Modern style, your home page can have up to eight collections.

    You have a good choice of how to show off your products with three different styles. The Vintage style is a good choice if you want a design that is very simple.

    But if you want food from many different collections, you should go for the Modern style.

    The best minimalist theme has

    Let’s look at what the Minimal theme for Shopify has to offer.

    These are important parts that your customers will see, and you need to decide if they can give you what you want.

    • Slideshow: The different styles let you make a slideshow with several images of products, banners, or announcements. The good thing about the slideshow is that you can add buttons that people can click on to go to the page you want them to see.
    • Home Page Video – Minimal is one of the few themes that lets you embed a video right on your home page.
    • You can use this feature if your business is one that you can best market with videos.

    All you need is the link to your YouTube or Vimeo video to embed it on your home page.

    • Product Image Zoom: If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon or eBay, you know that if you move your mouse over an image, it gets bigger.
      This is a part of this theme. This is great because it lets your customers see everything about your products.
    • Product Filtering: If you use this theme, you can set up filtering options that make it easy for your customers to narrow down their search. It lets you set up groups of categories, brands, prices, and other things.
      If you sell cameras, the customer only needs to check a few boxes, like Nikon and Canon, and your website will only show products from these brands.
    • Show Related Products: A good marketing trick is to show products that are similar to what a customer is looking at right now. This is a feature of all of the big online stores, like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.
      With this theme, your store will automatically show products that are similar, letting your customer know he has other choices.

    There are a total of five features here, and they will all help you market your products.

    This theme has a lot more to offer than just that!

    Home Page Customization means that you can choose which parts of the homepage to add or take away. You can get rid of the footer if you don’t want it. You can also choose whether or not to show a map of where you are.
    Mobile-friendly means that the theme automatically changes to fit any mobile device. As soon as the servers notice that a customer is using a mobile device to look at your online store, the theme’s look and functions will change to mobile mode.

    • Color Palettes: The theme has a palette of colors that you can use to change the background, link highlights, border lines, and a lot more. You can also change the styles of the fonts.
    • Search Engine Optimization is built into every web page and product page. This means you can change the tags, descriptions, and page titles to make them more appealing to search engines. Use keywords in these places to help people find your site.
    • Footer: This is the bottom part of the page where you can put important information like your refund policy, how your customers can reach you, and more. A website’s footer is an important part because this is where legal documents that have nothing to do with marketing can be put.
    • So, these are just five of the most important backend features you can use. Now you need to think of ways to use these functions to their fullest.

    How to change the theme of minimal

    Now, we’ll show you some of the ways you can change your online shop if you use the Shopify Minimal theme.

    Here are some of the features and how you can use them to make the theme fit the personality of your store.

    Header: Log in to your Shopify store and follow this path to change your header.

    • Online Shop > Themes > Minimal > Customize > Theme Settings > Header
    • With this, you can add your own logo, which will make your website look more professional.
    • You must upload a picture that is 450 x 200 px, which is the right size.

    This is also where you can put a message that will be seen right away by customers. This message could be a slogan, an invitation, or an announcement.

    Product Page:

    To get to this page, you need to do the following: Online Shop > Themes > Minimal > Customize > Theme Settings > Product Page

    This isn’t where you can add a new product.

    Here is where you can change how things are set up. For example, you can let people share on social media.

    If you do this, customers will be able to share your products on their own pages by clicking on the social media icon on each product page.

    Slide show: Once you’ve added your pictures, you can change how the slide show works.
    Go to Online Store > Themes > Minimal > Customize > Theme Settings > Slide Show.

    Once you’re in this section, you can change things like the slide’s height, how often it rotates and how long it takes between turns, the size of the text, the style of the buttons, what they do, and where they lead, as well as the slide headings.

    Video link: To change this area, go to Online Store > Themes > Minimal > Customize > Sections > Video.
    You can embed a link to either YouTube or Vimeo.

    • Once the link is clicked, your website will make a video panel that looks like it’s from YouTube.
    • They can play or pause the video, change the sliders and sounds, and share the video on social media.

    This is a part of the website where you can show several products that belong to a category called “Featured Collection.” You can add and remove items from this collection at any time, even if they are already in another collection.
    To get to this place, you must take this route: Online Shop > Themes > Minimal > Customize > Sections > Featured Collection.

    Here, you can change the number of rows of products that you want to see. You can also show or hide the name of the company selling the product.

    You can also choose to show all of the items that have already been sold.

    What’s good about using this theme

    Now, let’s look at how you can use the theme to your advantage.

    Let’s talk about the benefits of using the Minimal theme for Shopify in this part.

    Newsletter: The theme lets you ask people who visit your site for their email addresses. Once you have the email addresses, you can send campaign materials, updates, promotions, and a lot more.

    At the bottom of the theme is where you can sign up.

    Use good marketing language to get people to sign up, like offering free eBooks, tips, or coupon codes after they sign up.

    • Free: You don’t have to pay anything each month to use the theme. You can also rest easy knowing that the updates that come with the theme from time to time won’t cost you anything.
    • Blog: The theme lets you write blog posts, which you can then publish. You can send people to your online store by sharing these blog posts on your social media accounts.
    • Some themes don’t offer a blog option. This is a bonus because it can help you get more people to visit your Shopify store.

    What Customers Say

    In this review of the Shopify Minimal theme, we also want to hear from users. Eighty-eight percent of the 72 people who took the time to rate the theme liked it.

    Let’s look at some of the bad things people have said:

    • Social Media Icons: Sometimes, social media icons don’t work, so numbers are used instead.
    • Colors aren’t changing, and the colors you choose don’t show up on your website.
    • So far, these are only small complaints about the theme.

    In fact, only four people gave it a bad review.

    We think that these problems are easy to solve. All you have to do is turn off the social media icons and then turn them back on.

    Both of these can be fixed, and it’s easy to do so by contacting customer service.

    These two problems shouldn’t have any effect on how happy your customers are when they use your site.


    Even though the Minimal Shopify theme is one of the best free themes, it pales in comparison to others like the Venture, Brooklyn, and Supply themes because it has too much white space.

    It also doesn’t let you put a big slider with a lot of collections together.

    Both styles are made differently, so you can only choose one.

    Even though this is the case, it is still a very good theme.

    It is easy to use, so a business owner who is just starting out can spend more time marketing than making a website.

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