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Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Sell On Pinterest Using Shopify?

    The ecommerce industry was in uproar when Pinterest revealed that it will allow shoppable or purchaseable pins. Retailers and dropshipping companies have the chance to advertise on the most popular platform that displays everything spectacular and beautiful.

    As a result, the market has changed since then, and we can now sell on Pinterest with Shopify. And guess what? This post will outline the procedures for launching your products on Pinterest in order to increase sales and profits.

    Why use Shopify to sell on Pinterest?

    Why should you think about selling on Pinterest, first and foremost?

    If you’ve ever been to Pinterest, you might know that it’s the platform that allows you to find things the fastest. This software gives you tempting options for everything from your wedding dress to the decor of your home area. Customers are therefore enticed to click on the link and make a purchase when you are able to sell on it.

    In addition to this, Pinterest supports a community that interacts and shares interesting and fresh content. Consequently, compared to other stores, you have a significant potential of making enormous profits from Pinterest.

    How to Use Shopify to Sell on Pinterest

    Let’s just get to the steps as we’ve previously covered the significance of selling on Pinterest with Shopify. Following are the procedures for using Shopify to sell on Pinterest:

    To begin with, you must have accounts on Shopify and Pinterest. Create an account if you don’t already have one, then proceed to the next stage. Since your goal is to sell on Pinterest, it is advised that you set up a business account. The best aspect is that opening a business account is free.

    • Being able to set up Pinterest adverts in your store and having a Shopify-integrated business account on Pinterest are further benefits.
    • Go to Shopify and find your Dashboard after creating accounts for both platforms.
    • Find Sales Channels on the Dashboard, and your dropshipping store’s active Sales Channels will appear. Pinterest must be added here.
    • So, from above, we click on the plus sign.
    • You can browse different channels from the popup menu. Scroll to Pinterest and click the plus sign in the corner of the page.

    You can assess the privacy and information sharing settings in the following window. This refers to the techniques used by Pinterest to access your Shopify.

    • To continue, select Add Sales Channel. Your Shopify store will gain a Pinterest Sales Channel as a result.
    • The next step is to link your Pinterest account to your Shopify Sales Channel. This will enable Shopify and Pinterest sales.

    Visit Connect Account to do this. You will be taken to the Pinterest website as a result. To link Shopify and Pinterest, you must authorize your Pinterest account. After that, you can manage your Pinterest advertisements from Shopify and start creating pins.

    • Select “Give Access” from the menu.

    You might now notice several accounts in the Ad Settings that are for you. It can also be produced manually. For instance, a Pinterest Tag account for ad insights and a Pinterest Ad Account for creating advertising.

    After that, enter your billing information and click Add Billing. You may access the billing terms and conditions after you have added details.

    Of course, you can approve the budget for Pinterest ads, but this billing information aids in some of the automation.

    After completing the aforementioned steps, you must provide information about the goods that Shopify allows you to sell on Pinterest. Types of products, titles, descriptions, and photos, as well as availability and cost, are included.

    For instance, availability refers to enabling the product’s sale through related sales channels. You may simply modify this by clicking Manage Availability.

    Products and information can be filtered one at a time. Products can also be filtered based on the Sales Channel, though. You can do this by going to Manage Availability and checking the Pinterest filter for availability.

    Keep in mind that it is possible that Shopify will occasionally add products to the list that you do not want to sell on Pinterest, or that the list may not contain any products at all. Although Shopify is working to improve this feature, you can manually fix the bugs.

    Visit Product Availability from the product page, then select Manage Link. Uncheck the box that says “Go to Pinterest” below this.

    What You Need to Sell on Pinterest

    You may have already realized that there are some prerequisites for posting and selling things on Pinterest from the previous steps. These rules must be followed in order for Pinterest to approve your products on the platform.

    Open your sales channels and enter the following information:

    • Description Title Image
    • Type of Product Price Availability

    These six details must be provided if you want Shopify to automatically create Pinterest adverts for relevant products to make revenue. Without them, you won’t be able to make advertising, and you’ll have to afterwards supply information for the same.

    Visit each item you want to sell on Pinterest and then add information about it one at a time. Make sure to use stunning and visually pleasing images. Isn’t that Pinterest’s main goal? This is what makes Pinterest appealing to us.

    How a Customer Purchases My Goods on Pinterest

    When the option for Pinterest advertisements was originally made available, visitors could make purchases on the platform. This required the platform to access payment information and develop a distinct option for it, though.

    Therefore, it made sense to permit redirecting to the eCommerce website in order to make selling on Pinterest using Shopify more convenient. Due to these modifications, Pinterest began enabling user redirects to the eCommerce store.

    This does not exclude you from checking the product’s specifications, though. On Pinterest, you can find some information, like the image, the cost, and information about the goods. When the user clicks the image, they are taken to the Shopify store to make a purchase.

    Ready to Sell with Shopify on Pinterest?

    You are making history when you choose to use Shopify to sell on Pinterest. This phase enables you to market to a variety of consumers and expand your clientele.

    Therefore, you should get ready for the change before you start selling on Pinterest with Shopify. Make your accounts, take quality product photos, and write descriptions. These actions could require some time. Therefore, begin with this before moving on to the above steps. This will make it simple for you to develop Shopify-powered Pinterest adverts.


    Every owner of a dropshipping company is eager to increase revenue. Your opportunity to accomplish the same is by selling on Pinterest with Shopify. Although you’ve tried selling on other social networking sites, Pinterest is superior and more user-friendly. Spend time investigating your alternatives, choose the greatest product images, and begin your Pinterest marketing campaign.

    Use a dropshipping tool like dropship-empire if you need help organizing all this activity. Your order administration and supply chain will be automated thanks to it. Explore dropship-empire in more detail here.

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