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The Best Ways To Rebrand Your Shopify Store

    Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform appreciated for its simplicity and widespread adoption. Shopify users can occasionally increase sales by changing their store’s name.

    The Importance of Your Shopify Store’s Name

    In order to create a Shopify account, you must first choose a business name. Customers will see this brand name. The structure of your Shopify subdomain,, is established automatically.

    The structure will depend on the shop’s name. This subdomain can be used for anything related to managing your Shopify account and online store, including internal connections and settings.

    We advise against making this subdomain the primary domain in the address bar when customers visit your online store. If you want your business’s credibility and reputation to rise, you should get a unique domain name that reflects your brand and is easy to remember.

    If you decide to take our advice and make your Shopify subdomain the URL displayed to customers, you are free to change the name of your store, but you are not free to change the name of your Shopify subdomain. You should instead open a fresh Shopify store.

    If you’re unhappy with the name of your Shopify store, you can change it for free without affecting your custom domain or the Shopify sub-domain.

    Is It Possible to Rebrand Your Shopify Store?

    The name of your Shopify store can be changed if you so choose. Take some time to think about this before deciding to rebrand your online store. Changing your store’s name after you’ve already put in marketing effort to build brand recognition could backfire and undo your hard work.

    Although changing the name is possible, it is also risky. Think long and hard about the name of your business before you launch. If you make a list, you won’t forget to add picking a name for your Shopify store. Shopify has given us a number of options because not everyone can organize their businesses in the same way.

    However, unless you launch a completely new store on Shopify, you won’t be able to switch your subdomain. Keeping a CVS backup of your store’s files makes setting up a new store much easier than starting from scratch. In fact, you can clone your theme to make your website look exactly like it did before. You can also note that you can manage multiple Shopify stores. A second store can easily be opened if the combination of your new shop and domain name sparks a new business idea.

    It is not necessary to change your domain name to reflect your new store’s name unless you so choose. The domain name and store name should be the same whenever possible for the sake of consistency in your brand.

    When Is It Time to Rebrand Your Shopify Store?

    The name of your Shopify business is crucial to its success, right up there with using the most refined Shopify theme to create an engaging storefront. Having a name that stands out from the crowd will help your store succeed. It’s a great way to get your brand out there and make a personal connection with your target audience.

    How, then, can you ensure that a customer will purchase your product simply because of its name? Keeping your store’s name front and center is crucial if you want repeat business.

    The memory pathway for a name could be reinforced by associations with feelings or the senses. Our long-term memory is reserved for experiences that stir strong feelings, while we are quick to get rid of possessions that no longer hold any significance for us.

    Therefore, if you want to have a successful company name, it is crucial to establish an emotional connection with your Shopify customers. It appears to be a challenging endeavor. Consider these four arguments in favor of rebranding your Shopify store.

    Confusing Shopify Branding

    One of the most common issues you will encounter is that your customers do not fully understand the name or spell it correctly. This could hurt your company’s reputation and ultimately hurt sales.

    Your name may have an unusual spelling and be difficult for native speakers of that language to pronounce due to cultural and linguistic differences. This is common practice among merchants in many different countries, especially those operating online.

    Name of Current Temporary Trend

    Your company might be affected by a current trend. Your business could benefit greatly from adopting a trendy name for your store, in fact.

    Conversely, short-term trends are notorious for forming ties to fleeting communities and worldviews. You may want to rebrand your Shopify store if you discover, after some time has passed, that the trend is no longer relevant to the demographic of customers you want to attract.

    Name Sounds Like Other Businesses

    If the name of your Shopify store sounds too much like another business, you may want to consider rebranding. Avoid using a name that is too similar to an existing trademark or service name. Having a domain name that is already in use when applying for a business license is a bad idea that can lead to a lot of hassle. As such, it’s important to pick a name that stands out from the crowd while still being memorable.

    Using a name that’s too similar to another Shopify will also hurt your search engine optimization. Using an additional Shopify SEO app can help you avoid this problem and improve your search engine rankings.

    Do You Wish to Redirect Your Company?

    Changing the focus of your business, whether by adding new products or switching industries, could necessitate rebranding your Shopify store. If you sell t-shirts under the label “E383 – personalized t-shirt,” but you also want to sell backpacks, shoes, caps, and so on, you’ll need to come up with a new label.

    Your company’s success may suffer if you stick with the old name. Customers in the market for hats, shoes, etc. are unlikely to patronize your establishment if it sells t-shirts instead. They will wrongly assume that you do not stock the products they require. Change the name to something more descriptive, like “E383,” and specify what it is you have.

    How to Change Your Shopify Store’s Name in Easy Steps

    Shopify has matured for a long time and realized that the need to change user names is crucial for the reasons given above. As a result, they made it easy to switch names. You should think about the stores that will be affected by the name change before making the switch on Shopify. Your store’s name will be advertised on:

    • The facade of your store
    • Your secure online storefront, which is still under construction.
    • Email and text message alerts for purchases (If you have a logo for your shop, the first two points will remain the same even if you change the name of your store, as the logo will be the first thing customers see rather than the text).
    • If you’d like to change your shop’s name in the mobile app and on the website, you can do so easily by following the steps outlined below.

    Shopify’s Mobile App’s Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Store’s Name

    • Start up Shopify on your mobile device. Then, in the upper right, select the Buy button.
    • Find the “Settings” button and click it.
    • Go to the “General” tab under “Store” settings.
    • Under “Store name” in “Store information,” Shopify will display your current business name. Get rid of it and put in something new.
    • Make sure you click the “Save” button at the top of the page to keep your changes.
    • Okay, guys, that’s it for now. Wasn’t that easy?
    • Shopify’s Admin Site Shows You How to Change Your Store’s Name
    • Shopify’s desktop admin is accessible from any computer.
    • Choose “Settings” from the sidebar.
    • Like the mobile app, go to Settings > General.
    • The name you’ve given your Shopify store so far can be seen in the “Store name” field. Get rid of it and put in something new.
    • Then, to permanently store your modifications, select the Save option.
    • Changing the name of your Shopify store is now complete.

    In Closing

    We discussed everything from the reasoning behind business name changes to the mechanics of changing your store’s moniker. If you’re considering changing your company’s name, we hope these ideas prove helpful. Remember that success is not instantaneous. Most people can achieve their goals with some effort and, in some cases, multiple failures.

    Also, think long and hard about your motivations and aspirations before deciding to change your name. Changing the name of a Shopify store is simple, but it’s important to give it some thought first. Verify that the rebranding of your Shopify store will ultimately lead to more purchases. dropship-empire Blog has more advice for online retailers.

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