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Things to Know When Dropshipping with AliExpress: Steady vs Trendy Niche

    When you start a dropshipping store or any other kind of online business, one of the most important things to do is choose a niche of products. Choosing the right niche is hard, because if you pick the wrong one, your dropshipping store won’t make you any money. So how do you choose between steady niches and niches that are popular? How do you find the right niche for your dropshipping business?

    There are many ways to choose the right dropshipping niche, and we’ve shown you a few of the most useful ones. First, we’ll talk about steady niches vs. niches that are on the rise. This will help you know when to sell which niche. Then, we’ll give you some tips to help you grow your dropshipping businesses.

    What are the stable markets?

    A steady niche is a group of products that sell all year long. This is a category that will always be in style. For example, every year, people buy things made of wool. Dog food and other things for pets are another example. If you want to know more about whether your product is stable or on the rise, you can look it up on Google Trends.

    What are the hot markets?

    Stable products are kind of the opposite of products that are on trend. These styles come and go over time. Fewer people talk about fidget spinners and fidget cubes now than they did a few years ago.

    Mask is another case. Around the coronavirus, it has been very well-known. But if COVID spreads everywhere, it could make the disease less popular. When should you sell products that are in style? Your dropshipping store can’t have a permanent category for these items. Once the trend is over, you should get rid of this category to make room for new products that are in style.

    But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for patterns. If you get into a hot market at the right time, you could make a lot of money. So, always try to sell products that are in style, but choose product categories wisely.

    How to Choose the Right Market

    Now that you know the difference between steady and trending niche products, you can focus on how to find the right ones. We’ll talk about four important tips that we think will help any dropshipper.

    We aren’t saying that everything will happen in the same order, because every entrepreneur’s journey is different. Keep in mind that you need to look into these tips and make changes to make them work for you.

    AliExpress Trending Niches

    Checking your marketplace, AliExpress, is the best way to figure out which niches are steady and which ones are in style. On AliExpress, you can find niches that are both popular and stable. How can you tell the difference between the two? AliExpress’s home page always has a lot of niches. These are steady spots to fill. You can make sure by looking at Google Trends.

    Every day, the products that are popular change and grow. You can find the right number on Google Trends. You might want to choose a niche that is just starting to grow instead of one that is already at its peak.

    You can also look at other markets for inspiration. For example, Amazon is a good place to check out products that are both stable and popular. Here’s how to find the best niches for your AliExpress dropshipping store:

    Make a list of popular items from two or three marketplaces.

    • Check out these two lists.
    • Keep things that are the same for everyone.
    • Keep things that are going up right now.
    • If you have any new categories, add them.

    Twitter Trending

    Twitter’s “trending” feature is a great way to find steady and popular niches. We think it’s one of the best places to see what’s popular. When something starts to get a lot of attention, it will start to “trend” on Twitter.

    Keep up with what’s going on on Twitter. You might be able to find products that are useful for your dropshipping store.
    Use a hashtag to search for something on Twitter and compare the posts that have that hashtag. This will help you find the best niche that is steady and growing.

    Facebook Stores

    Facebook stores are another great way to find niches that are both hot and stable.

    Look for Facebook Ads and search at random for two or three niches on Facebook to see:

    • What do people try to sell?
    • How are they going to sell it?
    • How many people are following?
    • How does shipping work?
    • How quickly do they get back to people who ask questions in the comments?
    • Learn how to sell on Facebook Market by reading

    Competing Markets

    The last thing on the list is to look at the sites of your competitors. Look for dropshipping stores at random and see what kinds of niches they offer.

    You can do some of the following:

    • Look for dropshipping stores and see what kind of products they sell. This will give you a sense of the popular niches.
    • Check to see if there are stores that sell in the niches you have chosen. Look at their other areas of expertise to figure out what you can sell.
    • Take note of the best-selling items in each category.
    • You should also write down your mistakes so you don’t repeat them. You can be a critic on any website, so this is the best way to find mistakes in your store that you can fix.
    • Read to find out how to give yourself an edge over your competitors in a crowded market.

    What not to do

    • You need to stay away from a number of niches in your dropshipping store.Things to eat
    • Products for beauty
    • Generic items
    • Multiple niche categories
    • Technology goods
    • This happens because:
    • Food items can easily get damaged while being shipped. You don’t have any say over the quality, packaging, or supply chain. So, stay away from these things.
    • People are also picky about beauty products, so don’t dropship them if you can’t customize them or sell good ones.
    • When it comes to dropshipping, generic product niches are not very competitive. The AliExpress marketplace makes it easy for customers to buy these. Make a store that caters to a specific niche.
    • Don’t have more than one niche, because that will confuse users and split your audience. Pay attention to and work on one niche.
    • Technical products are important, and people who use them are very picky. If you do things wrong, you might quickly lose your market and popularity.

    Find a Value-Generating Niche

    Even though we’ve talked about most of the tips above, there are still more you need to know to run a successful dropshipping store. Here are some tips from our experts that can help you in your own life. Here are some tips from insiders that will help you set up a dropshipping store with steady and popular items.

    Have fun with what you’re doing. Think about it: we like to do things that we like. If you start this business just for the sake of it, you will eventually wear yourself out. So, find a niche that fits with what you’re interested in. For example, someone who is good at crafts would love to sell crafts.

    Before you start a dropshipping store and choose a niche, you should always look for gaps in the market. If the gap between demand and supply is bigger, you have a better chance of succeeding. Supply should be low and demand should be high. The opposite would be a terrible thing to happen.

    Always believe in what you sell. You won’t be able to market your products well if you don’t think they have value for your customers. So, you should believe in the products you sell and use them yourself, no matter what you are selling. For example, if you sell watercolor paper, put videos of yourself painting on the product. If you’re selling accessories, post pictures of yourself wearing them. This can make the visitors think that the products are good enough to buy.


    Dropshipping is a simple way to run a business, but choosing a niche is hard. Choosing what to sell is one of the most important steps in dropshipping. With the right niche, you can go a long way.

    So, read the tips above and pay attention to what’s important. Don’t be afraid to try new things, because you can always switch your niches and change a few things when you’re dropshipping. Just make sure to do as much research as possible to get better results.

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