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This Is How I Used Shopify For 3 Months for Just $1?

    With Shopify’s $1 for 3 months subscription option, entrepreneurs and company owners can use this powerful eCommerce platform for just $1. Although the plan appears affordable, many merchants throughout the world are taking advantage of its advantages. This is due to the ease with which you may launch your eCommerce business, utilize all of the platform’s crucial features, and even get customer service round-the-clock. If you’re curious about the costs associated with Shopify’s plans, they are as follows:

    • Monthly cost for the Basic Plan is $29.
    • Monthly cost for the Shopify Plan is $79
    • The Advanced Plan is $299 per month.

    You can only access the features of Shopify’s 1 Dollar 3 Months if you have the Basic Plan, though.

    How to Access This Scheme

    You must do the following actions if you want to purchase Shopify’s $1 for 3 months subscription plan:

    • To begin, you must register with Shopify. The 3-day trial option is available as soon as you register your account, which brings you to the platform’s home page. You can choose between starting with the trial plan and subscribing to a 3-month plan for just $1 by selecting this option and going through the steps.
    • Create your Shopify store by entering the required information. To attract a wider audience, connect your social media accounts to your stores after deciding where you want to sell your products.
    • Then, consider a distinctive name for your store, the location of your company, and the other necessary steps you must do to open your store. All of these stages can be skipped if you need to start up your store right away.
    • When you go to your Shopify store’s dashboard, click the “Pick a plan” link at the bottom and make the right selection.
    • Before continuing, double-check that you are on a monthly plan and not an annual one. You’ll discover the Basic Shopify plan, which costs $1 and is valid for 3 months. To continue, click “Choose this plan”.
    • Verify the plan in and proceed to the billing page. Include your company’s address and payment method (in that instance, you can let your consumers select between a Credit card and PayPal). Click “Start Plan” once the details have been entered.

    Benefits of the $1 for 3 Months Subscription Plan on Shopify

    The Shopify $1 for 3 Months Subscription Plan is a fantastic method to try the software and determine whether your company might benefit from it. You can use it to gain access to all of Shopify’s capabilities, including those related to e-commerce, shipping, billing, communication tools, and more.

    Additionally, all of these features are simple to change or remove at any moment without incurring any fees. Additionally, this plan gives you a free 30-day trial of Shopify, allowing you to decide if it is the best option for your company’s needs.

    The usefulness of Shopify’s $1 for 3 Months Subscription Plan will vary depending on your business and demands, so there is no universally applicable solution to this query. However, it might be beneficial to test various marketing methods without investing a lot of money if you’re just getting started and don’t have a lot of visitors.

    Additionally, the membership plan can be useful for you if you require assistance gaining new clients or turning leads into sales. Aside from that, it’s crucial to keep in mind that numerous alternative subscription plans are offered by different providers, so it is advisable to do your homework before making any judgments.

    Who Can Use the $1 for 3 Months Subscription Plan?

    Anyone with a Shopify account is eligible to subscribe for $1 for three months. This comprises entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, and marketers that wish to establish their own online businesses and learn more about Shopify’s platform.

    The $1 for 3 months subscription package gives you access to a number of tools that will aid in the launch of your new store. Included are video guides for opening a store, launching an e-commerce website, developing unique advertisements, and much more. Additionally, you have access to our support staff whenever you need them.

    So why are you still waiting? Start learning everything there is to know about Shopify by signing up right away.

    Anyone with a Shopify account is eligible to subscribe for $1 for three months. You can use the capabilities of Shopify with this plan without upgrading to a premium account. Additionally, you will receive limitless storage space, which is excellent for keeping your goods arranged and simple to find.

    What takes place following the 3-day trial?

    You must be ready for the 3-day trial period to conclude if you have chosen to join up for Shopify. All of your prior information and purchases will be erased once your account is changed into a paid account. Furthermore, any additional features or updates that were included during the trial time could not function after that.

    In other words, make sure to upgrade before the trial expires if you intend to use some of Shopify’s more sophisticated features.

    It’s OK to lose all the hard work you put into building up your shop for your $1 for 3 months plan. Shopify will save the critical components of your store even if you decide not to proceed with your plan. For instance, if you decide to visit your site again, you’ll discover that the theme, application, design, and any customizations you made are all still present. By entering into your account and continuing as usual, you can pick up where you left off, but this time you’ll need to buy a paid subscription.

    Why Shopify is a Beneficial Platform for Your Business

    Shopify was regarded as the fifth-most successful startup during the last five years (out of hundreds) by Forbes magazine. Additionally, Shopify boasts a 91% customer satisfaction score, which is incredibly impressive! This guarantees people who select Shopify will be able to easily create and manage their online stores without encountering any significant issues or frustrations.

    A software platform called Shopify enables companies to build and manage their own online storefronts. Its user-friendly design and extensive feature set have made it popular among experts in the e-commerce industry. Entrepreneurs may easily create and run an online store with Shopify, or they can enhance an existing one.

    The following are some of the primary advantages of using Shopify:

    • Shop owners may easily install Shopify without any technical knowledge in a matter of minutes.
    • Wide selection of goods and services – Shopify provides a full range of tools that can be used to create an online store, including a custom domain name, movable widgets, themes that can be customized, payment processors, social media integration, SEO, and more.
    • Customizable storefronts – Store owners can add, remove, or modify the font and color of any element on their website. They also have complete control over the layout and design of their storefronts. Overall, store owners profit greatly from using Shopify since it gives them all the tools they need to launch a prosperous eCommerce company.


    This concludes our discussion of Shopify’s $1 for 3 months plan; perhaps it is now appropriate to give it a try. Numerous store owners have been utilizing this plan’s advantages to build their companies.

    If you want to create a business or sell things online, you can use this time-saving strategy as well. You should read the articles on the dropship-empire Blog page if you also want to read some instructive posts about utilizing Shopify wisely or anything else that makes dropshipping simple for you.

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