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Top Best Shopify Chatbot Apps 2023 to Double the Rate of Conversion

    Chatbots could be a great way to speed up online customer service, boost sales, and save time. If you use the Shopify platform for your business, the chatbot will also be one of the most important things.

    This article will list the best Shopify chatbot apps and talk about how they work, how much they cost, and more. Let’s check it out!

    What is a Chatbot on Shopify?

    A Shopify chatbot is an eCommerce tool that tries to act like a real conversation. They take information from your shop to automate different tasks. Some of them are keeping in touch with customers as needed, checking the stock, taking back items, and promoting sales.

    These are the three kinds of chatbots that Shopify has:

    • Artificial intelligence (AI) is what makes chatbots smart.
    • Simple chatbots are rule-based bots.
    • In hybrid models, intelligence and simplicity work together.

    Why Choose a Chatbot App for Shopify

    Using Shopify chatbots is a cutting-edge way to give customers personalized solutions right away. By quickly checking their stock, they may be able to automate returns, report on an order’s status, and increase sales.

    Here are some reasons you should use an appropriate Shopify chatbot app:

    • Customers will feel heard because Shopify’s live chatbots can answer their follow-up questions. This makes customers feel like they are being listened to. Thanks to widget integrations, customers can look at any website they want while chatting in real time.
    • The customer’s experience will be tailored to them: The Shopify chatbot apps can be proactive in your eCommerce store while helping customers directly. So, customers can stay at home and still get the same level of service and comfort they get in the store.
    • Conversions and the value of the cart will go up: By using the Shopify chatbot apps, your staff can help and guide the customer in a good way. It costs less than customer service by phone or email. With chatbots, your team can help more than one customer at once.

    What the best Shopify chatbot apps have to have

    Now that we have a better idea of what a chatbot can do for your online store, it’s time to take a look at some of the things it can do. You can use this list of traits as a check list to help you choose the best chatbot for your eCommerce site.

    • Offers emotional intelligence: If you want to understand what people want, you need a live chatbot backed by artificial intelligence (AI). The AI-based chatbots will help you figure out if the customer is angry, frustrated, happy, or sad, so you can respond in a way that fits the situation.
    • Works with a number of platforms: To get better results, choose a Shopify chatbot that is easy to integrate with your sales and customer service tools. You can automatically save the leads you get from sales tools like email marketing or CRM, which lets chatbots figure out what people are asking.
    • Offers strong protection for your data: The Shopify chatbot app is a way to get important information about customers. But as you collect more data, it becomes more important to keep it safe. Choose a Shopify chatbot that protects your customers’ information well.
    • Changes the way a conversation flows at any time: When choosing a chatbot, you should think about how it can change the way a conversation goes based on the situation. AI could be what makes these chatbots work. Choose a live chatbot that is easy to set up and gives you the freedom to change the flow of the chat depending on the situation.
    • Supports reports and analytics: The chatbot you choose should be able to give you data and analytics so you can figure out how well your online business is doing. You can check how many people have been to your online store by looking at the reports. It will also show information about people who have talked to a chatbot and finished the conversation.

    How to Choose the Best Shopify Chatbot Apps

    We’ve talked about a few of the most important things that will make it easy for your business to choose the best chatbot apps for your Shopify store.

    • Check how well the chatbot works with all channels: If you want to build an omnichannel support system for your eCommerce business, you need to make sure the chatbot you want to use can be integrated in a number of ways. Find a solution that lets you interact with sales, support, and different communication channels. This will help you connect with customers and make their experience better.
    • Identify lead assessment capabilities available or not: Also, your chatbot should be able to look at all of the leads that your company has gathered and figure out which ones are likely to turn into customers. A chatbot could also help you send these leads to the sales team in real time so that they can be turned into clients.
    • Check if you can send real-time chats to agents: It would be great if your chatbot could send support chats to real people if it couldn’t solve the problem right away.
    • See if there are templates: Even if you buy a chatbot, you won’t be able to use it well if you don’t know how. Look for a chatbot system with a variety of template options to help you decide which one to use for your eCommerce business.
    • Figure out your budget: Last but not least, you must decide if the chatbot solution you choose fits your budget for sales and customer service. Check out their prices to find one that fits your budget.

    You should be aware of the best Shopify chatbot apps.

    You can choose from chatbot plugins in the app store that are made to work with Shopify. Here are 5 Shopify chatbot apps that can help you improve your online or dropshipping store’s customer service:

    Shopify Chat

    If you already use Shopify, Shopify Chat is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you want live chat help. The solution is free to use on the Shopify marketplace. The best thing about Shopify Chat is how easy it is to use. Your new way of providing customer service can be put into place quickly. As you use it more, you’ll find that it makes your relationships with clients stronger.

    Pricing: You don’t have to pay anything to download the service. Shopify Chat is an easy way to add a new type of service to your Shopify business, though there are other chat features with more options. You will need both a Shopify store and Shopify Ping to get started.


    • Shopify users can get in for free.
    • Installation is easy and quick, and it works with a lot of channels.
    • Great for clients, and the mobile design is easy to use.
    • Shopify fully backs both Kit and Ping.


    • Compared to other apps, it’s pretty easy to use.
    • Does not retain client data
    • Shopify Chat is one of the easiest ways for Shopify users who want to start using a live chat service to get started.


    LiveAgent isn’t just a simple Shopify app; it’s a full-fledged ticketing system as well. It makes sure that none of your clients’ messages will not be answered. Live Agent has a huge number of great features. One of the best Shopify chat apps has everything, like support for multiple languages and the ability to track multiple conversations at once.

    • Pricing: LiveAgent is a little more expensive than some other live chat programs. A free package gives you access to the most important functions. Premium options, on the other hand, start at $15 per agent per month and go up to $29 or $39 per agent per month if you want more features.


    • Free beginner alternatives
    • Help with different languages
    • Analytics for CRM and management of customer service across all channels
    • A full system for handling tickets
    • Helpdesk software that does everything to boost sales


    • Maybe too much for a new e-commerce business.
    • Can be expensive
    • Best for: LiveAgent makes it easy to keep track of your clients if you want to improve customer satisfaction at every stage of your relationship with them.


    LiveChat is the best software for customer service, and more than 32,000 businesses, like Adobe, PayPal, and McDonald’s, use it. LiveChat is great because it can be used in many different ways and is easy to learn. You can use your company’s colors to design your chat widget, qualify leads with forms and automation made just for AI chatbots, and even show off your products with beautiful chat-based cards.

    LiveChat also gives you access to monitoring and analytics tools, so you can keep an eye on your sales and chat ROI to make sure your eCommerce position is always getting better.

    • Pricing: You don’t need a credit card to sign up for a 14-day free trial. After that, the lowest plan starts at $16 per agent per month if you pay annually. The next package costs $33 per month, and the most expensive option costs $50 per month. You could also ask for a quote on an Enterprise package.


    • There are a lot of different alternatives to omnichannel conversations.
    • AI and how people talk to machines
    • Several tools, including Shopify, can be used together.
    • Beautiful ways to personalize
    • Tracking and tickets with a lot of detail


    • It might be expensive for first-timers.
    • Best for: If you want a complete messaging solution that works across all channels, LiveChat is the best choice. This service is one of the most reliable ways to track the return on investment (ROI) of your work.


    HubSpot’s live chat software is very appealing for small businesses because you can start using it without spending any money. The chat system is easy to use to its fullest potential because the interface is easy to understand. HubSpot can work with a lot of different big platforms, like Shopify and Facebook.

    • Pricing: HubSpot’s chat plan is great for small businesses because it’s free forever. If you buy HubSpot upgrades like the sales and marketing hubs, you can get a more high-end version of live chat as part of the full-service package.


    • Free life plan for people on a tight budget
    • Putting your CRM in sync
    • A powerful set of external features that are easy to use
    • Personalization is possible
    • Putting together people and AI agents


    • It could get very expensive.
    • The free plan is pretty simple.
    • Best for: If you want a simple live chat solution that can connect to your CRM, HubSpot’s free plan for life may be the best way to go. If you already use HubSpot for other things, the live chat solution will work best for you.

    Zendesk Chat

    Zendesk is one of the most well-known customer service platforms on the market. Zendesk is fun to use and has a lot of great features, such as automatic popups, offline forms, routing for your chat box, and a chat button that you can change. This live chat application works with Shopify as well as HubSpot, Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress, which are all popular content management systems.

    • Pricing: Zendesk has a lot of extra features and is the best ticketing system in its field. At first, the price is £39 per month.


    • Multimodal access and social media
    • Mobile agents’ apps are available
    • Many records of conversations, routes, and analytics
    • Help with carts that were left behind
    • How tickets work from start to finish


    • It can cost a lot of money.
    • Including more than just live chat
    • Best for: If you want something more than what the most important tools in the Shopify app store offer in terms of live chat, this Shopify chatbot app is for you.

    Last Words

    Use one of the many Shopify chatbot apps on your store’s website to make sure you’re always talking to customers there. These apps could help you interact with clients more, sell more, and make more money while giving great customer service. Which program would you pick to put on your computer?

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