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Automated Facebook Ads To Save Time

    If your Facebook campaign has a lot of ads and ad sets, it can take a lot of time to keep track of everything.

    If you automate your Facebook ads, you won’t have to check on them every day. This will save you a lot of time and still give you a good return on investment (ROI).

    Drop shippers and other small businesses have a lot of options with Facebook Automated Rules. For example, you can increase an ad’s budget if it starts doing well all of a sudden, or you can stop an ad that isn’t doing well so you don’t waste all of your budget.

    The important thing is that using automated ads on Facebook will save you time and money while making it easy to expand your marketing. Automated rules do this by making decisions based on data all the time and taking advantage of opportunities as soon as they come up.

    This article will help anyone who wants to increase the size of their Facebook ad campaign and make their ads work much better while saving time. Read on to find out how you can get the most out of your Facebook marketing by using automated rules.

    Facebook Automated Rules Explained

    Automated rules on Facebook are a free way to advertise that all advertisers on Facebook can use. In short, they let you set up conditions under which a certain action will be taken automatically.

    The automated rules engine checks these conditions for your ads all the time and makes changes right away.

    The rules can be used for ads, ad sets, and campaigns. In other words, they can be used at any level of the account structure. To use this feature, you’ll need at least one campaign, one ad set, and one ad.

    The business tools menu of the Facebook ads manager is where you can find the automated rules.

    The Necessity of Facebook Ad Automation

    Because of changes to Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms, the average user spends less time in the news feed. This means that Facebook advertisers have to work harder than ever to get the attention of users, which means that the cost per acquisition is going up for everyone.

    Because of this, advertisers need to be more efficient with how they spend their money. They do this by often duplicating ads and ad sets, changing bids and budgets, pausing ads that don’t do well and starting new ones.

    With Facebook’s automated rules, you can set up some of these tasks to run automatically in the background without you having to do anything.

    Automation lets you get out of the endless loop of launching, pausing, and relaunching your marketing campaign so you can focus on making it better.

    Also, automated rules keep track of your ad sets in real time, which means they can make the right changes faster than you ever could.

    Before you set up automated rules for your Facebook campaigns, think about what you usually look for in Ads Manager and what you usually do when you find it. Ask yourself questions like:

    Do I usually stop ad sets when they spend a certain amount but don’t lead to a single conversion?
    Do I usually raise bids when deliveries are low?
    Do I raise the budgets for ad sets based on how much money they bring in (ROAS)?
    Do I usually make copies of ad sets that do well?
    If you answered “yes” to any of these or similar questions, you may be able to automate these tasks and use your time more effectively elsewhere.

    No matter how big or small your campaign is, it needs to be managed and checked on every day for it to have any chance of success. Because of this, marketers who use automated rules have a big advantage over those who don’t.

    Are Facebook Automated Ads for Everyone?

    Short answer: yes. Automated rules can help all Facebook advertisers, even those with small accounts that don’t expect a lot of growth.

    But for people who want to grow their Facebook audience, ad automation is a must. It helps them get the most out of their campaigns by increasing the budget for the ones that work best and turning off the ones that don’t.

    Automation also lets marketers test their ads quickly on different groups of people, which really improves how well they work.

    Also, if Facebook ads take up a lot of your monthly marketing budget, you should use automated rules to make quick changes that will give you a better return on investment (ROI) and less waste.

    Basically, automation is a must for anyone who wants to spend more on ads without adding more people to the marketing team.

    Role of Facebook Ads Automation in Your Marketing Strategy

    Now that you know what Facebook Automated Rules are and why companies big and small use them, let’s look at how you can use them to improve your marketing campaigns. Before we talk about how automation can help your business, we’ll go over the basics.

    Customer Acquisition Funnel

    Look at the key metrics for your funnel, from the first impression to the conversion, and think about which parts you want to improve. During this stage, the KPIs you use will depend on your business.

    When it comes to spontaneous sales, B2C companies may focus on:

    Website to buy ROAS
    Price for each item
    Cost for each purchase made
    Cost per lead
    Apps for phones might be interested in:

    Cost per install
    Cost per level completed
    Price for each small transaction
    B2B businesses with longer sales cycles might want to consider:

    Price for each download
    Cost per demo request
    Price for each free trial
    Cost per contract
    Before moving on to the next step, you need to figure out which metrics you need to improve and pay attention to.

    Maximum Cost Per Result

    Let’s pick a random cost per paying customer in your app (let’s say less than $20) and assume that your business model works if that cost is true. Let’s also say that 10% of the people who download your app end up paying for it. This means that the most you can spend on each app install is $2.

    Depending on your business model, the same method can be used to figure out the most you can spend at each stage of the funnel. If you don’t have enough past data to figure this out, a good rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t spend more than a third of what you make on a typical advertising campaign.

    Once you’ve decided on your funnel and how much you can spend on each step, you can use automated rules on Facebook to help you reach your goals.

    Campaign Management

    Just like a robot is better than a person at doing mechanical tasks, Facebook’s automated rules will be better than even the best marketer at running Facebook Ads on a daily basis. This is because an automated rule is put into place as soon as the set condition is met.

    Do cheap conversions on an ad set happen to you today? The budget for that particular set will go up right away. You’re spending more than you’d like on another ad, but it’s not bringing you any customers. Automatic rules will put a stop to it right away.

    The rules will always “fire,” no matter how many ads you’re running. This means a lower cost per acquisition (CPA), better use of budgets, and, in the end, more money coming in.

    As long as your team does things like duplicate ad sets, pause and unpause items, and change bids and budgets on a regular basis, it would be best to automate these tasks for the most efficiency.

    Automated rules can also help you take advantage of your best-performing ads. This goes beyond simple daily maintenance and lets you grow your campaigns without putting in any more time or effort.

    Creative Testing

    You can also test dozens of ad creatives at the same time with Facebook Ad automation. Anyone, from drop shipping solopreneurs to best accounting companies, can set up multiple ad sets in seconds and test them against each other to find the best combination.

    With automated rules, you can even set up ad rotations that give each ad an equal chance to make an impression before you judge how well it did.

    Closing Thoughts

    Automated rules on Facebook can be a great way to improve your work and save money at the same time. But remember that ads are important to get your customers’ attention, but fast shipping and good products are what will make them happy and keep them coming back to buy from you.

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