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Facebook Statistics You Must Understand in 2023 to Expand Your Dropshipping Business

    You already understand the power of social media platforms if you run a dropshipping business. You can easily raise brand awareness and even produce more leads by using them.

    Facebook must be the most widely used social media platform out of all those that are currently in use. I’ve put together some crucial Facebook statistics for you to know in order to expand your company.

    You should know these global Facebook facts

    First, let’s take a look at some facts about Facebook that everyone knows. This will help you understand Facebook’s power and make a better plan for marketing.

    The most-used social networking site

    This has to be one of the most important facts you should know about Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social media site right now and has been for almost ten years. Even though Facebook hasn’t grown as much as other platforms in the last two or three years, it still has the most users (more than 2.7 billion).

    Most users who log in every day

    In addition to the total number of users, the number of daily active users can also be a very important factor. This seems to be another area where Facebook does well. 74% of all Facebook users log in every day, which is the most of any common platform.

    More than 80% of people living in the US are on Facebook.

    If you want to reach people in the US, Facebook should be one of the first places you look. As of right now, more than 80% of all people living in the US are on Facebook. This shows that Facebook is used by people of all ages and backgrounds in the US.

    How many Facebook users there are in each country

    Even though Facebook is available everywhere, it is more popular in some places than others. For example, when we look at how many people use Facebook in each country, India seems to be in the lead.

    India is home to about 350 million Facebook users. After that are places like the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico.

    Users of Facebook by Age, Gender, and Other Factors

    Before you start marketing on Facebook, you should also know how users are spread out in terms of age, gender, and other factors. First, let’s look at how Facebook users are split up by gender. Statistica says that of all the people who use Facebook, 56.5% are men and 43.5% are women.

    If you want to dig a little deeper, you can also find out how Facebook users are split up by age and gender. Here, you can see that most Facebook users are males between the ages of 25 and 34. Men between the ages of 18 and 24 and women between 25 and 34 come next.

    How Facebook users can use their devices

    You should know what kind of device your audience uses before you start trying to reach them. These Facebook statistics will help you figure out what kind of content your users will like. Even though it might seem strange, only 1.5% of people who use Facebook do so on a computer.

    On the other hand, 16.7% of users access it from both a computer and a mobile device, while more than 81% of users only use smartphones.

    Time Spent on Facebook on Average

    In an ideal world, the average amount of time people spend on a social media platform can be a key way to measure how engaged they are with it. Facebook also seems to be ahead of its competitors in this area. A Facebook user spends about 58 minutes a day on the site, on average. They only spend one minute a day on Twitter, 28 minutes a day on WhatsApp, and 53 minutes a day on Instagram.

    Other Facts About Facebook to Know

    In addition to the Facebook statistics above, you should also keep the following in mind:

    • More than 200 million companies already use Facebook ads to promote their products.
    • More than 85% of marketers in the US reach out to their audience through Facebook.
    • It is expected that ads alone will bring in around $94 billion for the social media platform.
    • About 10% of all digital ads in the world are on Facebook, and 18% of all digital ads on mobile phones are on Facebook.
    • The Middle East and Africa have the largest number of new Facebook users.
    • About 78% of Facebook users have said that they learned about a brand through the site.
    • More than 48% of B2B business owners do research on Facebook.
    • A Facebook user clicks on about 12 ads per month, on average.

    Keep an eye on these important Facebook marketing numbers

    From these Facebook statistics, it’s clear that the social network is very strong and here to stay. If you also have a Facebook page and use it to spread the word about your brand or get leads, you should keep an eye on a few metrics. Here are some important Facebook statistics you should always be keeping an eye on for your business account.

    Important Note

    You should know where to find these helpful ideas before you start. You can get this information by going to your Facebook page and clicking on the three-dot icon next to “Edit Page.” To get these details, you can just click on “Insights” from the list. If you are running ads, you can also use the Facebook Ads Manager section to see more results.

    Breakup of the crowd

    The most important thing to know is how your audience is made up as a whole. Facebook will show you a breakdown of your audience by age and gender on the Insights page. Just click on the “See Details” button to find out more, like where they are.

    Overview of the page and its content

    On Facebook Insights, you can find out more about how your page is doing as a whole. For example, you can see how new likes, comments, shares, and more are spread out. You can also check the total number of people who see your content and find out which posts do the best.

    The Facebook Ads Manager’s numbers

    Lastly, if you’re running ads on Facebook, there are a few important metrics you should keep an eye on.

    • Ad Reach: This is the total number of unique users who have seen your ad, or the total number of people who have seen your promoted post.
    • Ad Impressions: This is the number of times people have seen your ads. Since an impression is the number of times your ad was seen, it can be more than just how many people saw it.
    • CPC stands for “Cost Per Click,” which is a good way to say how much you pay for a single click.
    • CPTN stands for “Cost Per Thousand Clicks” and shows how much an ad costs per thousand clicks as a whole.
    • Ad Frequency: You can use this to see how often your ad shows up in a newsfeed.
    • Relevance score: This is a metric that Facebook uses to show your ad to users who are most likely to be interested in it.
    • “Call To Action” is what “CTA” stands for. It’s the thing you want people to do after seeing the ad, like download an app or go to a website.
    • CTR stands for “Click Through Rate,” which shows how many times users have clicked on your ad.

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    Last Words

    After looking at these Facebook statistics, I’m sure you can see how powerful the site can be. I have included some important metrics in addition to a list of global Facebook statistics. So, it’s easy to find your target audience on Facebook and figure out how much your campaigns are making back.

    You can look into these metrics and Dropship-Empire to grow your dropshipping store. It is the best dropshipping solution, and you can use all of its advanced features for free.

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