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How To Make Videos That Sell For Your Dropshipping Store On Instagram?

    When Instagram first came out, it was all about pictures, but now videos are also part of the visual game. Pictures are still an important part of social media, but videos are different. In fact, the average Instagram user spends half of their time on the app watching videos. This gives businesses a great chance to reach their target audiences and make more sales.

    Many brands have quickly realized that Instagram users want to watch videos and have made selling videos to meet their goals. Creating videos takes more time and work than making pictures, but the result is well worth it.

    If you’re into dropshipping, you can’t avoid the power of Instagram videos. To get the most out of the app, you need to do more than just post photos; you also need to make videos that sell. You can show the world who you are and what you have to offer in less than 60 seconds if you sell videos.

    Read on to find out how you can use Instagram videos to make more sales from your dropshipping store.

    How to make videos that sell for your dropshipping store on Instagram

    Most drop shippers find that getting through the creative process is one of the hardest parts of making selling videos. Here are some ideas for videos that might help:

    • Product overviews: Since you know your products so well, you can make videos that just show them off and explain why people should buy them.
    • Stop-motion: Polished videos are becoming too popular, making room for animated videos that are captured one frame at a time, with physical objects that move between frames.
    • Fast-motion videos are a good way to show your users how things are going without making them bored to death.
    • User-generated content (UGC): It can be hard to come up with ideas for selling videos, so you might as well let your followers do it for you. Also, user-generated videos are very effective because they get 10 times as many views as branded videos.
    • Influencer partnership: You can make videos for your dropshipping store with the help of an influencer.

    You can make Instagram selling videos with a number of tools, but if you’re looking for one that’s good for beginners, Inshot is a good choice.

    Where businesses can post Instagram videos

    You can post your sales videos in different places on Instagram, and each one has its own quirks. If you know about them, you can decide where to post your videos to get the most views. You can put up videos that help you sell things by:

    In-feed video posts on Instagram

    In-feed videos are a great way to show off your products to the people you want to see them. They are basically short clips that last up to 60 seconds and play automatically without sound. Users can tap on the video to hear the sound. You can also post the video as a series of images with a 1:1 or 1.9:1 aspect ratio.

    Also, keep in mind that your goal is to sell your products, but it’s also important to build relationships with your audience. This will help build trust and make it more likely that they’ll buy if they haven’t already.

    What works best

    Even though the maximum time is 60 seconds, try to get the word out about your products as quickly as you can. Short videos are more popular on Instagram than long ones.

    • Interactive: Make sure to reply to every comment, as this will help you get more people to interact with you. This will give you a lot of social proof and, in the long run, put you ahead of the algorithm.
    • Engaging: Yes, your goal is to sell your products, but if your audience isn’t interested, they’ll stop watching halfway through, and you won’t be able to reach your goal. Try to make sure your videos are interesting.

    Videos from Instagram Stories

    The videos on Instagram Stories are very short—they only last 15 seconds. They are full-screen mobile ads that stay up for 24 hours before they are automatically taken down. Because all of the content is made for mobile devices, the best aspect ratio is 9:16.

    Stories videos are a great option to think about because you can reach everyone with them because algorithms don’t affect them (at least not yet). They are a very popular part of the platform, and most people use them every day.

    What works best

    Use Instagram stickers. You can add stickers and GIFs from Instagram to your videos, and you should. Even if your videos are for business, they make them look cool and fun. You can use stickers like hashtag stickers, stickers that say “mention,” stickers that say “question,” stickers that say “poll,” and more.

    Post more than one video. You might think it’s hard to post meaningful 15-second videos, but you can cut a single video into several parts and use them to reach your overall goal, which is to make sales.

    Video ads on Instagram

    Instagram is one of the best places to advertise your products right now because it is based on photos and videos. So, you can reach a lot of shoppers who like to look at things before they buy them.

    It’s also important to note that videos can only be 1:1 or 1.9:1 and can only be 60 seconds long. They can be added to multi-image posts. But video ads are more expensive than Facebook ads.

    What works best

    Optimize for mobile devices: Most Instagram users access the site from their phones or tablets, so you want to make sure your video ads look good on smartphones and tablets.

    Use captions: Even if your video ad is interesting, you still need to use your copywriting skills to get people to watch it. If you add compelling text to the video, your ad can make sense even before people click on it to watch.

    Most people stop watching a video halfway through, so make sure you show off your products in the first few seconds and give them a strong reason to buy in order to keep them watching.

    Instagram’s IGTV

    Instagram IGTV is great for businesses that want to post longer promotional videos because you can post videos that are up to 60 minutes long. When it first came out, the only ratio it supported was 9:16 (vertical), but now users can upload 16:9 (horizontal) ratio videos.

    What works best

    Make a cover image. A good cover image can get people to click on your videos. Having one can help you reach more of the people you want to reach.

    • Try new things: When you post a video longer than 60 seconds, you have to be very creative to keep your audience’s attention for the whole thing. Don’t forget to start advertising your products as soon as the video starts.
    • Use captions: Always add text to your video that tells people why they should watch it.

    How to use videos to sell on Instagram

    It’s easy to make videos to post on Instagram, but it takes planning and knowledge to make selling videos that lead to sales. Here are some tips to help you sell on Instagram through videos for your dropshipping store.

    Before making every video, make a plan.

    It can be hard to make videos that get people to buy before their attention span runs out, so it’s very important to plan out your strategy ahead of time. Before you start, think about what you want to say. That way, your videos will be more than just moving pictures without a point.

    Your video should be short.

    It’s tempting to make long videos and think that people will find them just as interesting as you do. But most people only watch a video for a few seconds before deciding if they want to watch it all the way through or move on to the next. So, make sure your video is short, interesting, and captivating. If you need to make a long video, you might want to make several short videos instead of one long one.

    Make videos that are good.

    Make sure the video quality is great, because most people won’t watch low-quality videos. Keep in mind that Instagram is all about polished photos and great videos, so make sure yours are good.

    Put CTA

    Many dropshippers make the mistake of advertising their products in a video and assuming that users will automatically contact them to make a purchase. Putting in a strong call to action can help your audience decide to go to your store and buy your goods. Add the CTA to the video as well as the caption that goes with it.

    Use a hashtag

    Hashtags are a good way to help more people who might be interested in your brand find it. You shouldn’t just add any hashtag that comes to mind. Instead, look at what hashtags other sellers in your niche are using and try to find the ones that get the most attention. Then put them in your captions. But don’t put too many hashtags in your caption. The key is moderation.

    Write interesting titles

    Instagram is mostly about pictures, but words are important too. As was already said, captions are important because they draw people to your videos. If they aren’t interesting enough, you’re not likely to get many views. So make sure the caption is strong enough to get people to tap the video to watch it.

    Use the analytics on Instagram

    After making the video and putting it online, you need to take data tracking seriously. Analyzing how well your video does can help you figure out how to make better videos that sell. Check to see an analysis of the number of views, likes, comments, hashtags used by influencers who interacted with your video, and more.

    In the end,

    No matter how creative you are, it’s important to keep getting better by making selling videos on Instagram and learning from other brands on the platform.

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