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How To Run Effective Facebook Ads On A Small Budget?

    Did you know that there are 2.8 billion people who use Facebook every day? It’s amazing how much this platform has grown in such a short time. The best thing about how popular Facebook is is that you can use it to market your brand.

    Did you know that you can use Facebook to reach your users by making an ad? We can reach people on Facebook in the same way that we might reach people on Google.

    Why Facebook ads matter so much

    Facebook can help you reach a wide range of people because it has so many active users. If you write down exactly who your buyer is, you can make Facebook ads that are very targeted and work. Also, when doing Facebook ads, make sure to avoid these common mistakes.

    We’ve put together a guide to help you understand how Facebook Ads work because of this very reason. Keep reading for more details.

    Different kinds of Facebook ads

    The first thing you need to know is how Facebook ads work. Here are the main points:

    Image Ads have a simple, attractive, and interactive picture that shows what your product or dropshipping business is all about. You need to add a few clickables to the image to convert your audience or point them in the right direction.

    Videos in ads can help you show how your product or service works or what it can do. For instance, a clothing dropshipping store could make a short video that shows a complete outfit.

    Poll Ads are very interesting, so you should definitely think about using them at some point. Most of the time, these are this or that. In this case, you are giving the user a choice between this and that. This tells you how popular each product is, and it also sends potential customers to the right page.

    • Carousel ads have a number of pictures. This has about 10 pictures or videos that go with a group of products. For example, a clothing store that drop-ships can make a carousel ad with 10 pictures of winter clothes.
    • Slideshow Ads work the same way as your video ads. You’re just adding still pictures to the short video to make it look like it’s moving.
    • Collection Ads are made so that users can see them right away. You can put about 4-5 images that can be clicked on in the ad.
    • Instant Experience ads load quickly—almost 15 times faster than other ads—and help viewers watch the whole video without interruptions.
    • Lead Ads are for people who use phones. You can make it easy for them to leave their information right away.

    Stories also has ads for mobile users, so keep in mind that the ads cover the whole screen. When a Facebook user looks at stories, these ads pop up between the stories.

    How to Make the Right Ads for Facebook

    Start by making a business account on Facebook so you can deliver the right ads. Here are some steps to take if you have a business account:

    Know what you want to do.

    Stop when you’re just getting started! Hold on a second. Now, take a step back and think about what you want to do. Why do you want to make this ad?

    • Know-how of a brand
    • Better reach out
    • More traffic
    • High engagement
    • More video views
    • More app installs
    • Better conversions
    • Getting leads
    • Sale of a new product

    When making a Facebook ad, you need to choose the same goal from the list once you know what it is. For example, if your goal is to get people to interact with you, you need to choose that and then go to Page Likes.

    Test with A/B

    The next step is to decide if you need to make an ad for A/B testing or not. We’re talking about this right now because if you want to do the same thing on Facebook, you have to choose “Set up an A/B split test.”

    What is a split A/B test? You make two ads for an A/B split test. Even though both ads have the same goal, we are making them look different. Don’t forget that the goal should stay the same. If it doesn’t, how can you compare the results?

    Create a Budget

    Facebook will then ask you to set a budget and a start and end date. You should choose the right budget for your Facebook ad based on what kind of ad you’ve made. If you use A/B testing, you can keep the length short and the budget small. This will tell you all you need to know. But for other kinds of ads, you should use them for longer and pay more.

    Also, try to start out with the best budget for the ad. Try to check on the ad more than once a day to see how it’s going. This will also make it easier to change the budget if you need to.

    Know who you’re trying to reach.

    If you don’t know who your audience is, you should never start making a Facebook ad. So, make a buyer’s persona that looks like your perfect customer.

    This should have information such as:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Preferences
    • Likes
    • Dislikes
    • Location, language, and other facts about the people

    On Facebook, you can do the same thing to choose who you want to reach. Detailed targeting is another option. In detailed targeting, you can add or take away people based on their age, gender, and other things. You can add or remove people from your connections list based on whether or not they are connected to your Facebook page.

    Understand Ad Placement

    After this step, Facebook will ask you where you want to put the ad. You can always choose automatic placements, which will let Facebook use its smarts to decide where to put you.

    If this doesn’t work, you can set the placement by:

    • A cell phone is one type of device.
    • Platforms like Instagram or Facebook.
    • Position in the feed, in messages, in stories, etc.
    • Placement based on the user’s device, like an Android or an iOS device.

    Manage the budget

    Lastly, you can choose Brand Safety, which will help you get rid of any content that doesn’t fit with your ad. For instance, leaving out sensitive information from the ad. You can also control how much your Facebook ad costs by choosing the right bidding strategy. In the last step, you might have to choose the ad’s format, which we talked about in the last section.

    How to make ads on Facebook

    Here are some more tips to help you reach more people with Facebook ads:

    • If you don’t know what your users will like, pick the two best options and use A/B testing. Then make your Facebook ad after you’ve figured out what’s different.
    • Even if you don’t have much money, it’s fine. When you plan, you can do a lot. For Facebook ads, you don’t need a big budget. All you need is the right plan.
    • Always try to make a video that is vertical. At least at the start. People like to hold their phones upright, so vertical videos are helpful.
    • Instead of a lot of text, try to advertise with a picture or graphic. Use some text to convert the audience and get their attention, but put a bar on it.
    • Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your Facebook ads. What’s the point of a Facebook ad that doesn’t tell people what to do?
    • Always keep track of the leads, sales, and conversions that come from an ad. This will tell you how well your ads are doing and how you can change them for the future.
    • Sort ads into groups and know which ones will work best for which types of users. If you don’t do these first things, you might set yourself up to fail.


    Don’t try to make a Facebook ad your main goal. You should set up an ad on Facebook. We are focusing on the build because to build something, you have to start from the ground up. If you only care about how things turn out, you are setting yourself up to fail. You should follow the right steps and do research before making Facebook ads.

    Consider it. We are trying to reach so many people. Doesn’t it make sense to connect with them in the right way and use the right advertising methods?

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