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Is It Possible To Drop-Ship Without Using Facebook Ads?

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, there has been a lot of growth in e-commerce. People like doing business this way on their computers and from the comfort of their own homes. Dropshipping is one type of e-commerce business model that many people have used to start or grow their own businesses. Many people like this business model because it has low risks and requires little or no money to start.

    People who work in business here are called merchants. They act as middlemen between manufacturers or wholesalers. They buy products from suppliers they choose, stock and sell them at retail prices, and let customers place orders. Customers pay for the product they want after they have placed an order for it. The supplier starts right away to process the order and fill it. Even though the seller doesn’t make deliveries, they are still responsible for any problems or strange things that come up when the order is filled. Even the package that customers will get will have the seller’s information on it, not the supplier’s.

    Since marketing is important for any eCommerce business, including dropshipping, many experts have said that dropshipping will never work if you don’t use Facebook ads to improve your online presence and win customers. Without a doubt, Facebook ads seem to be the most popular and effective way for businesses to market themselves. But these merchants can get a huge number of people to visit their sites by using a number of ads or platforms. This article will talk about different kinds of ads and places where a seller can advertise their business.

    What’s good and bad about using Facebook Ads?

    Facebook connects the millions of businesses that are already up and running with people who might want to buy from them. Here are the pros and cons of advertising your business on Facebook.

    What’s good about Facebook ads

    When you run a Facebook ad, you can reach specific groups of people, which increases the visibility of your product and engagement with your brand. Think about the following benefits of using Facebook ads to market your business.

    • When you use Facebook Ads, your business will be shown to people around the world who might be interested in it.
    • If you use the ads to show off your products, ideas, and posts, you will get more people to visit your website.
    • Your business will get leads from Facebook ads if you meet the interests of your audience, which will in turn bring in these leads.
    • You can learn about your business through Facebook ads. When you look at who saw an ad and what they said about it, you can think of ways to improve your business strategy.
    • Through Facebook ads, you can send messages to your audience in real time and find out what they want.

    It will be easier to grow your business on other Facebook platforms, leading to more social media networking. Drops, Facebook Shops, Instagram Shopping, and Page Shop are all parts of Facebook that are not owned by Facebook.

    With Facebook ads, the chances of increasing seller-customer interactions go up a million times. This lets you build and grow your Facebook audience through ad targeting.

    Bad things about Facebook ads

    Running a marketing plan with Facebook Ads is not a walk in the park. It needs close attention, a detailed content marketing strategy, a focus on potential customers, etc. Here are some bad things about using Facebook Ads.

    For creating and running effective Facebook ads, you need to spend a lot of money.

    You need to learn specific marketing skills if you want to make ads that are interesting, fit the needs of your business, and reach people who could become customers.

    Even though Facebook ads make it easier for sellers and customers to connect, that connection could hurt you if a customer decides to give you a bad review in public. When a negative review comes in, the seller should respond right away to stop it from having any effect.

    • To see your ad, people must log in to their Facebook accounts.
    • Facebook is no longer the most popular way to connect with people online. People also use sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and others that are also interesting.

    Ways to promote your dropshipping store without using Facebook ads

    Marketing on Instagram

    Even though Instagram is owned by Facebook, when it comes to marketing and advertising, the two are very different. Instagram is one of the easiest ways to advertise, and even people who have never done it before can use it. Instagram also makes it easy to build your brand. But if you want to advertise on Instagram, you should think about the following things.

    When using Instagram for advertising, it’s important to be consistent. If you want more people to interact with your content, you should post it regularly. The posts should come in the morning, at lunchtime, and at night. To keep from running out of things to say, you shouldn’t post more than three times a day. Images or videos can be used to make the posts.

    Make sure you always post content that will go viral. Make content that is relevant to your business, and then use hashtags to spread it. Your content should turn your Instagram page into a “explore” page that gets people interested in your brand and makes them want to interact with it.

    It’s easy to get content that goes viral. The “Downloader for Instagram” chrome extension can be downloaded and added to a browser. After installation, you can go to Instagram to download the content, which is all on the explorer page. All of the content will be related to the pages you like and follow. If you want to get good content, you should follow your competitors and pages in your niche. If there isn’t any content on the explorer page, look for content with the right hashtags. Use more videos because they will get more people to comment and like your content, which will keep it on the Explorer page for a long time.

    Get good pictures of your products and work on them. Putting good pictures of your products on Instagram makes them more valuable. When you post, don’t forget to leave the link to the product.

    For every picture or video that goes viral, you should tag yourself so that people can find similar things on your page.

    • Engage your clients again; it’s good for business.
    • Here are some ways that Instagram ads can look:
    • Boosted posts on Instagram
    • Advertisements for Instagram on Facebook
    • Ads in Instagram stories
    • Instagram shootouts for influence
    • Having a business page on Instagram.

    Ads on Google

    If you stop using Facebook ads, the next place you’ll probably go is Google ads. But Google Ads isn’t like Facebook because it isn’t a social network and uses keywords instead. For dropshippers, a “Google Shopping” campaign on Google Ads works best because it sells more than one product. If not, Google also lets you run campaigns for single products through Google Search, YouTube, and Google Display.


    When it comes to advertising a dropshipping eCommerce store, Pinterest is like a gold mine that nobody knows about. Most of the people who use the site are young women who have more money to spend online than men do. To make big sales, you need to know about these groups. So, to make a killing, sellers should put out products that will appeal to that group. On the other hand, they may fail. Fashion, beauty, cars, food, home decor, antiques, collectibles, and travel are some of the main types of products that sell well on Pinterest.


    You can also use YouTube to get the word out about your dropshipping store. Even though it only has a few options, here are some ways to advertise on YouTube.

    Use the YouTube stars to help you. People love what influencers say, so it’s very important to get one to market your products. Find a popular YouTuber in your product’s niche and ask them to put a link to your store in their videos.

    Make the ads for YouTube. When people use YouTube ads, they do so right on YouTube. If you don’t know what these ads are, they are the video ads that pop up on YouTube while you are watching something. Start by making a free YouTube channel to use YouTube to promote your dropshipping store.

    Ads on Tiktok

    Tiktok is one of the newest online services that is quickly becoming popular around the world. It is an app that young people use to make short videos that last between 15 and 60 seconds. If you want to advertise your dropshipping store to young people, this is the best place to do it. If you want to get the attention of young people with your advertising, you have to be creative. If the ad is “boring,” they will just ignore it.

    Advertising by Microsoft

    Before, this option was called Bing Ads. It’s almost the same as Google ads; in fact, it’s Google ads on Microsoft. Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are very similar, so you can easily export the content of your Google Ad campaign to Microsoft without much trouble. Microsoft Advertising uses Yahoo and Bing search engines to do searches and shopping campaigns.

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