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Review Of The Shopify Debut Theme: Is It Right For Your Store?

    The best thing about Shopify is that new dropshippers can build their stores with a lot of help.

    When you first start selling online, knowing how to set up a website is one of the most important things to know.

    Shopify made it easy and inexpensive because you can use any of dozens of free themes.

    One of these is the Debut Theme, and we’ll look at what it can do and why you might want to use it instead of the other free ones.

    In this Shopify Debut Theme Review, we’ll find out if it’s the right theme for you.

    Is the Shopify theme “Debut” right for you? Debut is a theme for Shopify that is simple and stylish. If you are new to Shopify, Debut is a good place to start. It’s clean and very easy to use while still looking professional.

    What is the theme for Shopify’s first sale?

    The Debut theme is free, and it lets you add your products to your store and tell people about them.

    It’s a theme that you can choose when you first start your store. You can also choose it later if you want to change the theme of your store.

    One word of warning before you go on.

    If you change your theme to a new one, you have to re-upload all your photos, logo, descriptions, and blogs.

    They don’t switch to a new theme on their own.

    This theme has two designs called “Default” and “Light.”

    Both styles let you make a large slider that takes up the whole width of a web browser. Below that, the presentation differences start to show.

    Style of Theme by Default

    There is no banner at the top of the page for the Default theme.

    In the top left corner, you can put your brand name. In the top middle of the screen, you can put links that will take people to different pages on your website.

    You can put a few pictures of your products with prices or just regular pictures that show off your brand under the sliders.

    You can add more photos that will fill the width of the screen further down, and then you can add a collection of your products that is highlighted.

    Style of Light Theme

    You can put a small banner or message on top of the Light style. You can use this to tell people about deals like free shipping or lower prices for a certain amount of time.

    Just below this, you can add a section where you can show off products from a certain collection or just pick the ones you want people to see.

    You can then add a new set of sliders below that. This is best for products where the photos are very important.

    Then you can put a video on your site that will play. This is great for guides and how-to videos.

    Lastly, you can add a place to put your different collections of products.

    Features of Shopify Debut Theme

    Even if you don’t know how to write computer code, this theme has a number of features that will help you make a professional store. These features are not related to the format or the way the photos are set up.

    Choosing what to buy

    With this feature, your customers can check a few boxes to narrow their search for products. A customer might be looking for a smartphone, for example.

    In this case, you as the owner can set it up so that a customer can only search for Samsung, Apple, or other brands.

    Multi-Level Menu

    With this theme, you can put a menu below another menu. This means that it’s easy to put your products into groups, and it’s easy for customers to find the group they’re looking for.

    In this case, the customer can click on Furniture and then choose from chairs, sofas, or tables. Not all themes have this feature, so if you have a lot of different products, you can use this.

    Testimonies from clients

    The customer doesn’t write a customer review on your store.

    There is a place where you type in the customer feedback by hand. This information could come from your social media.

    Not all themes let you do this, and if yours doesn’t, the only way to upload a customer testimonial is to add text to a picture.

    Reviews are a lot like testimonials. The only difference is that the testimonial goes on the page you want to highlight and not on the product pages.

    A promotional banner is a small line where you can type text about your promotion. It can be a discount, free shipping, a lottery, or any other prize or offer that you want customers to take advantage of.

    You can change the color of the line and the font your banner text is written in.

    Why Should You Use the Theme?

    This theme was made by Shopify for people who want to sell right away.

    Because of how it’s made, you can open a store even if you don’t have a lot of things to sell.

    Some themes that were made for big inventories will look empty if you haven’t filled up the product inventory.

    This one, on the other hand, is flexible enough that you can make a store look great with just a few products.

    Here are some reasons why you might want to use the Debut theme.


    You can upload a photo of a product you want to show off, and customers can zoom in on this photo. This is an important feature if you sell arts and crafts or other small items with a lot of details.

    Here’s an example of a product that doesn’t need to be blown up. It goes on the home page, where you can add the price and other information.

    Here is what it looks like when a customer moves his mouse over it.


    It’s not easy to get around a store with a smartphone. People will leave your store if they have to use a browser-style interface to move around in it.

    When the Debut theme sees that a site visitor is using a smartphone, it changes to mobile mode. It makes the customer’s time in your store better, so they are more likely to look around and buy.

    Social Media Icon

    You can put the links to your social media accounts in this theme. Once you open your online store to the public, clicking on the social media icons will take the customer to your social media page.

    This is good if you want free traffic and advertising. If your site visitors shared your products on social media, they might not have bought anything themselves, but their friends might have.


    On the home page, there is space for up to three featured stories or blog posts. This doesn’t mean that you can only upload a certain amount.

    You can add as many blog posts as you want, which is helpful if you want to teach or advise your customers. You can only show three posts on the home page, though.


    If you have a physical store, you can upload a map to show your customers where it is.

    This is great if you have a physical store and want customers to be able to check out your products in person before making a purchase.

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    Last Words on the First Theme

    This will get 3.9 out of 5 stars from us. This is because the theme still has some problems that can make running a store hard.

    For one thing, some pictures don’t automatically change size on different phones. So, the customer can only see part of the photo and has to scroll left to right or up and down to see the whole thing.

    Overall, this theme looks great on a desktop, but it needs to be updated for a mobile view.

    The view on a mobile device is a mess. Even though it doesn’t happen to everyone, there are times when some phones don’t seem to work.

    I hope this summary was helpful!

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