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The Best Email Apps To Use With Shopify For Dropshipping

    The easy part is setting up a Shopify dropshipping store.

    You need to spend more time turning people who visit your site into customers.

    Some of your visitors might buy something from you if you offer discounts, but that won’t help you build long-term relationships that often lead to repeat business.

    Email marketing, which you can do with email apps for Shopify, can be a godsend at times like these.

    Email marketing is the process of promoting goods and services through email. But for a store owner who does dropshipping, it’s much more than that.

    You can use emails to build relationships with customers you already have and to reach out to new ones.

    The best apps for Shopify email marketing

    Based on my own experience and the number of store owners who have used different email apps and left reviews, I’ve made a list of the five best email apps for Shopify dropshipping in 2023


    Omnisend is one of the best-reviewed email apps for Shopify. It has a lot of features that can help you with all of your email marketing needs.

    Its “campaign booster” feature automatically groups people who didn’t respond to your first newsletter and sends them your emails again.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean the customer didn’t care about what you had to say. It just didn’t show up in their email inbox at the right time. With campaign booster, you can send a newsletter to people over and over again to remind them that you exist.

    Do you want to go one step further? Use the automation workflows that come with Omnisend to connect with customers based on where they are in the customer journey.

    For example, with the “Post-Purchase” workflow, you can send a series of emails to people who have already bought something from your store to encourage them to buy from you again.

    Omnisend is free to use for up to 15,000 emails per month, making it perfect for store owners who are just getting started with email marketing to promote their brand.

    Email to sell more

    Upselling to current customers by suggesting more products is a great way to boost sales, and this Shopify email app lets you do just that.

    Instead of the usual “thank you” message for an order, you can use Upsell by Email to suggest products that the buyer might be interested in.

    You can also set up emails to go out over a certain amount of time (a few months, weeks, days, etc.) depending on when you want a customer to come back to your store.

    For example, you can change your product recommendation campaign so that a customer who has just placed an order gets a series of emails with upsell offers (relevant items) at different times, like once every two weeks.

    • You can also change how you send upsells with different offers so that each time the buyer gets something new from you.
    • So, every time you talk to a customer, you’ll have a chance to get them to buy something.
    • Upsell by Email is free to use in every way. You can send as many emails as you want every month.


    MailerLite can connect to your Shopify account in just a few minutes.

    Once it’s set up, the app syncs all your email subscribers and Shopify customers to its email marketing dashboard, along with all the important customer data from analytics, so it’s easy to use.

    MailerLite then uses the customer data to create segments so you can easily send targeted messages to different groups of subscribers.

    You can also set up landing pages and popups for your online store based on certain settings. For example, you can set up popups for when someone is about to leave your store or when they land on your website.

    This is a great way to keep people on your site and encourage them to look at more of your product pages.

    MailerLite is free to use for up to 12,000 emails and 1,000 subscribers each month.

    Recovering an abandoned cart

    One of the worst things for a dropshipping merchant is when people leave their carts.

    SaleCycle’s client data shows that 75.6% of carts were left empty in the first quarter of 2023. But the more interesting fact is that up to 21% of customers who left a store can be brought back by email marketing.

    Abandoned Cart Recovery (which used to be called Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails) stands out among the many email apps for Shopify that remind people of their abandoned carts.

    Abandoned Cart Recovery can help you make email reminders that people will want to open when they leave their cart.

    You can change most of your email’s parts with the Shopify app. This includes logos, subject lines, body text, and even images. Plus, you can schedule emails to be sent at the best times.

    Another great thing about this app is that it automatically adds pictures of the abandoned items. This makes your emails look better, which is important if you want to recover more abandoned carts.

    Abandoned Cart Recovery costs $9 per month, and you can send as many emails about abandoned carts as you want.


    If you find other email apps for Shopify confusing and hard to use, SmartrMail is quick and easy to use, and it automatically imports item information from your dropshipping store.

    You can use the app to set up personalized email automation that will bring people back to your website and boost your traffic and sales.

    It also looks at how they browse and what they’ve looked at in the past to see what products they’ve been interested in and sends them emails with those products to get them to buy more.

    SmartrMail also gives you real-time sales numbers, so you can easily analyze the impact and performance of your email campaigns. This lets you keep a closer eye on how your customers act and figure out what you might need to change to make your email campaigns more effective.

    Setting up a template for your store only takes a few minutes, and then the sales-boosting emails are ready to make your phone or computer go “Ka-Ching!”

    SmartrMail starts at $29 a month and gives you everything you need to make a personalized email campaign.

    One Last Thing

    Now that there are email apps for Shopify, it’s pretty easy for both new and experienced store owners to make email marketing work for them.

    Depending on what you want to do, the apps above will help you get more people to your website, make more sales, and make sure that both new and old customers know who you are.

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