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The Top Products to Sell in Autumn 2023

    You want to open a Shopify online store this fall, but you don’t know what to sell yet. We’ve put together 32 great ideas that can help your business take off.

    These fields can give you ideas not only if you want to open a new online store, but also if you want to change up your old one because a new season has started. Don’t let the fall get you down, it can be a great time to fly.

    Some of the products below can be used every fall, but others are only good for this year based on how the market is right now. During this time, you can boost sales by getting good products from reliable suppliers. Get your own look!

    We suggest that you sell your products using remote warehousing, a new way of drop shipping, so that you can make more money with your business. Using this model, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your business, you don’t have to keep products in stock, your customers can get their ordered packages faster, even if the products come from different suppliers, and your efforts can pay off. Just keep in mind that if you want your online store to do well, you should stop getting products from places like AliExpress. You have to work with real suppliers in your area.

    Let 2022 be your year, and this fall be your season.

    Contact us if you want to add products from a supplier to your Shopify store. We can help. Dropship Empire takes care of managing your products for you. You can also use dropship-empire Marketplace to find drop shippers, which are businesses with remote warehouses from which you can import products with just a few clicks.

    This is what we have chosen to sell this fall!

    Reusable straws

    Metal straws that can be used more than once are popular right now. A lot of people care deeply about the environment. It’s good that customers won’t have to buy straws over and over, and it’s also good that they won’t be eating chemicals from the straws. Plastic items shouldn’t be used over and over again if someone wants to stay healthy. And it’s a good thing that you can buy a thin brush to clean these kinds of metal straws.

    Reusable shopping bag

    Environmental issues are important. When they go shopping, more and more people bring cloth bags with them. So they don’t have trash after shopping, they put even fruits and vegetables in their own non-plastic bags or always bring a small container. And, of course, they put every item in these reusable, durable, non-plastic shopping bags or baskets that can be used more than once.

    Reusable water bottle

    It’s not good for the environment or people’s health, and some people say it’s dangerous to drink from the same standard water bottle over and over again. Chemicals are getting into the water from those plastic water bottles. For example, you could sell glass bottles with pretty designs that would appeal to children, women, and men. It can also be made of plastic, but that depends on other factors and you.

    Pom-pom keychain

    This year, the popular thing to buy is a pom-pom keychain, also called a puffball keychain. On the street, you can see a lot of women carrying bags with this fluffy thing on them. Why wouldn’t you go with the flow?

    Unique umbrella

    If it’s fall, you can be sure it will rain for a long time. Why should people keep their boring black umbrellas when you can give them ones that are nice to look at? Even when the weather is bad, a cool umbrella can make anyone smile.

    bag for work or school

    September reminds me a little bit of Christmas. You can see that everyone wants to buy a lot of things from stores. Well, mostly because this is when school and college start up again. But also because everyone feels like a new beginning when a new season starts and everyone wakes up from summer. So, people need a new bag to match their new personalities, for school or work.

    Baby monitor

    More and more parents like to use a baby monitor to see if their sleeping child is okay when they are not in the same room. These gadgets keep an eye on things like the baby’s breathing and let you know if the baby is crying. A lot of them also have screens.

    Special mug

    People like hot drinks like cocoa, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea in the fall. What would be just as cool as a one-of-a-kind mug or cup with a cool design? Think about it, and add these kinds of items to your online store.


    There are lots of places where you can get cool-looking sweatshirts and other clothes. This is a great idea for a product that will never go out of style. You just have to pay attention to what styles are popular at the moment.

    Phone case

    People’s phone cases can show who they are. At school, kids like to show off their new phone cases to their friends. Also, everyone likes to hold their phones on the bus or train or just look at them when they are in a pretty or cool case on their desk. Consider marble design. As long as there aren’t any smartphones on the market, people will always need cases.

    Natural and organic food supplies

    People like to eat healthy food, and now it’s also a trend. It makes everyone feel better and is one of the best things on Instagram because it shows how healthy people live.

    Office, chair for gaming

    Parents like to buy their kids office chairs so they can study more comfortably, and kids like to use them to play computer games like a boss. It’s not the easiest thing to ship, but you can still think about it. Obviously, kids and teens aren’t the only people who like a new chair. But it has more to do with them when it comes to the new school year.


    When you or someone else has a good scent, it always blows your mind. A lot of people like it, but summer wasn’t the best time to use them. A lot of women and men don’t like to wear perfume when it’s too hot, but now that it’s fall, it’s time to choose the most pleasant ones. Offer a wide range of scents from reputable companies in your online store.


    There’s nothing better than having a unique doormat to welcome yourself or your guests. Use these words on your website if you are selling these products and you agree with what they say. Think about it, these things can make people happy.

    Decorations for Halloween

    It’s that time of year again. Pick amazing Halloween items to sell in your store. Well, you probably won’t be able to run a business every month of the year. But as a seasonal offer, it could be a great way to get more people to buy things from your store. What do you think, for example, of glass pumpkins with lights inside?

    Decorative scarf

    As fall goes on, it will get cooler and cooler. I just talked about the weather. In September, a T-shirt is enough, but in October and November, people need a scarf and a big, warm jacket. Why wouldn’t you sell pretty scarves that people can wear to make their outfits look better and more fashionable?


    A good-smelling candle is everything. Sell ones that not only smell great, but also look great. It’s a pretty way to make the room stand out and a cool way to decorate your home.

    Recipe book

    You can give recipe books as gifts, but you can also just use them yourself and not give them to anyone. In the fall, people stay inside more, and cooking or baking is a good way to pass the time. Now pick ones that are really different and fit the season. If you can find a niche that has a really unique product idea, you win.

    Waterproof bag

    Since it can rain and be windy all the time, having an umbrella isn’t always enough to keep people from getting wet. They also need a bag that won’t get wet. Find the best place that sells them and makes them look nice, whether they’re for men, women, casual wear, or going to the gym, for example.

    Soft blanket

    On a cool autumn night, nothing is better than a special, soft blanket. Give your customers this pleasure by selling the most comfortable, soft, and good-looking blankets.

    Adult products

    Having fun with your partner is always a good idea. Even though these products might not be easy to see, there is a big market for them all over the world, including in your country. People like to try these things and enjoy life in this way. If you want to sell adult products like sex toys, sexy lingerie, and other erotic items, make sure your customers and visitors know that you do your job discreetly.

    Smartphone accessories

    Accessories for phones still have a place in the market, and they change over time. For the perfect selfie, there are “evergreen” gadgets like power banks, headphones, cases, zoom lenses, and LED ring lights.

    Pet products

    People care about their pets and want to do anything they can for them. You can give people a lot of ideas for how to give the items to the children they love. There are water bottles, automatic pet feeders, clothes, toys, accessories for the house, and beds for dogs. A lot of dog and cat owners like to buy healthy food for their pets.

    Special lamps

    There is a good market for unique lamps. Mood lighting is a good thing to have in your home. People like unique lamps that are also strong, well-designed, and from the future. These can be rose gold ones, ones that stand on their own, or lamps with shapes that people can relate to.

    Innovative shakers

    Sell new shakers for bodybuilding supplements. Help customers get the smoothest supplement shakes in a few seconds. People can forget about cheap, disposable plastic shakers with chunks in the shake or chemicals from the plastic. These products can have motors that can be taken apart for easy cleaning. The design has been tried and tested by athletes.

    Designer, logical toys

    Logical toys are for people who are creative. They can be used by people of any age, whether they are 12 or 50. These things can be fun and relaxing ways to spend your time. Autumn is here, so it’s time to spend a little more time indoors, but you can still have fun with these logical toys, which also make good decorations.

    Fandom products

    If you want to sell fandom items, you should try to jump on trends as soon as you can. You have to keep up with the latest trends in movies, TV shows, games, music, and YouTube, or choose suppliers who do. You can sell posters, figures, mini sculptures, life-size characters, mouse pads, clothing, phone cases, flags, mugs, toys, and anything else you can think of. It’s always a good idea to sell fandom products because there’s always something in popular media that people live for. Be careful not to sell things that have copyrights.

    Traveling supplies

    Clothing, like heated gear like hoodies, socks, and vests for cold weather, shoes, bags, any tools, suitcases, drinking bottles, small cases, laptop bags, maps, GPS’s, power banks, travel chargers, self-sealing dry bags, organizers, pillows, or anything else that comes to mind are all examples of travel supplies. Everyone likes to travel, and fall is a great time to do so because it’s not too hot and nature is at its most beautiful.

    Funny socks

    It’s not just about giving out socks that are “funny.” They can have any cool design; you, as a retailer, or the company that makes them, just need to be creative. After summer, this is the time when we start wearing socks, and this is a great way to make someone’s day.

    Amateur photography items

    People like making their own professional content and getting the coolest new gadgets on the market. Accessories for amateur photography can be things that look old but have something new in them, or they can be things that make photos taken with a cell phone better. It’s good if these items are both useful and well-made. Making visual content is important for internet users these days.

    Home décor

    There’s no place like home, and it’s nice to have a nice-looking apartment or house where people feel comfortable. Find suppliers who can give you high-quality, unique, and nice-looking home decor items. Then, let people use the items from your online store to decorate their homes in the best way.

    Special watches

    Watches are great accessories for women, men, and even kids. There are many different styles and ideas out there that they can use. Think about watches that are simple, smart, made of wood, from the future, or have other unique features. People like to wear these and always want to know what time it is by just looking at their wrist.

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