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Ways To Keep An Eye On Dropshipping Ads On Facebook!

    After you set up your Shopify store, you should promote it on social media.

    Advertising is an important part of marketing because it lets more people in your area or a wider audience know about your business.

    But if you don’t make any sales, it can be disappointing. Even though it’s easy to get views and clicks, that doesn’t always mean sales.

    If you are in this situation, one thing you can do is watch what your competitors are doing.

    What’s going on?

    Your main goal should be to find out what your competitors are doing.

    You can get ideas from their stores, but you should also look more closely at the ads they run.

    Even if you choose the best products to sell, it’s still important to write copy that will make people want to buy from you.

    Let’s look at the six best social media sites that you can use to spy on other drop shippers.

    Scout for Social Ads

    With this tool, you can find out which Facebook ads work and which ones don’t. The people who make Social Ad Scout are currently looking at ads from more than 21 countries, but if you pay, you can spy on more than 30 countries.

    It lets you check out your competitors’ ads on both desktop and mobile. If this isn’t clear, advertisers can choose where to show their ads on Facebook.

    If you know where a product is most likely to be seen, you won’t waste money on ads on sites that don’t fit with your product.

    Membership costs $147 per year. At first, it seems expensive, but here are some of the features and benefits you’re paying for.

    • Overview of Targeting: Once you find the ad you’re looking for, you can see how it was made. You will see the age range, country, gender, and type of device the ad is meant for.
    • Notifications: You can save some ads to a folder called “Favorites,” and the system will let you know if someone clicked on them based on the keywords you used.
    • Content that can be downloaded: If you want to copy an ad, you can download its landing page. So, you’ll get videos, pictures, and even style sheets that you can use as guides.
    • Real-time Update: The system gives you real-time updates on the ads you are spying on. It means that you will always have the right information about your competitors’ ads. You will find out who is responding to it, what age range it is shown to, and a lot more.
    • Advertisements on Facebook don’t run forever. No one could see it after the advertiser took it down. After spying on ads with Social Ad Scout, you can save them and use them as references in the future.
    • It’s easy to use Social Ad Scout. Just type a text or URL into the search box, and it will look all over the internet for Facebook ads that match your search. After clicking on the ad, you can continue with the analysis and save the information for later.


    Swiped was made for marketers and copywriters who want to get ideas for their own advertising copy. It is easy to use because all you have to do is type a text, choose whether you want to see the control or tested type of ad, choose the niche, and choose the type of ads you want to spy on.

    Affiliate marketing, banner ads, animated ads, display ads, email ads, and so much more are all types of ads. After doing a search, you can choose an ad that stands out to you.

    Swipe gives a detailed explanation of how advertising works and why it does. For instance, it will tell you how the ad is written or what the picture is trying to say.

    It tells you why the ad works and how it appeals to the emotional and psychological needs of the consumer.

    Here are some good things about Swipe:

    • You don’t have to pay anything to use this Spy tool. All you have to do to get free updates is sign up for the website.
    • Analysis: The site gives you a detailed analysis of each ad you look at. It will point out the most important parts of the ad and explain why the text or picture works.
    • Library: It has a library of ads from other places besides Facebook. It also looks at ads in newspapers.
    • You can search for ads with Swiped, but only in its own database. This means that you will only have luck if you look for a certain ad. Think of it as a book of carefully looked over ads.

    The people who started it keep adding information, but it doesn’t search the internet for live ones.

    With this tool, you should focus on what you’ve learned and not on how well the ads did because you won’t get that information.


    PowerAdSpy is a tool made for the business of affiliate marketing. It is a huge collection of more than 5 million ads from 2 million advertisers.

    The program works in 15 countries and gives you options for how to use it. You can use text to look for ads, and you can narrow your search by age, keywords, landing pages, gender, and so much more.

    You can get the service for free or keep upgrading until you’re paying $149 per month. You can search for ads on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with all four packages.

    Here are some good reasons to use PowerAdSpy:

    • You can do a search by keyword, gender, age, and other parts of an ad.
    • Recovery: You can save the ads that caught your eye so you can look at them again later.
    • With filters, you can choose to see only ads that are relevant to your search. You can filter by country, where the ads are placed, gender, age, and more.
    • You can only see ads from Shopify drop shippers when you search on Shopify. This is important because it helps you narrow your search to only entrepreneurs.
    • Call to Action: If you don’t know how to get a potential customer to buy something or click on your ad, you can use this tool to sort ads by this.
    • You can find both picture and video ads with this tool. It also gives you analytics so you can see how people interact with your ads on social media and how they are placed. You can also see how many people an ad reached and how it changed week to week.


    Adsova is a tool that lets you see which Facebook ads get the most clicks. Adsova lets you see how ads are doing on both desktop and mobile platforms.

    You can try it out for $1 and then choose one of the other three plans. Plans range in price from $69 to $129 per month, and each plan gives you access to a different set of features.

    Here are some of the things the spy system can do:

    • News Feed Feature: This one lets you spy on ads that Facebook users post to their news feeds. This kind of ad is usually used to raise awareness, and you can see how viral marketing campaigns worked to get ideas and inspiration.
    • Right Hand is a Facebook feature that lets you look at the ads on the right side of the page. Most of the time, ads like this are used to re-target people. You will learn a lot about how marketers use calls to action and ad copy to make a sale.
    • Trends: You can get updates on ads that are getting a lot of attention. If one of these is one of your competitors, you can act right away and change your ads so that you can also benefit from your competitor’s advertising strategy or make your own better.
    • Tracking: You can keep track of how well an ad does and learn from how it does over time.
    • Live means that you can choose to see ads that are running right now instead of ads that have been saved. In this way, you can look at a company’s advertising history and see how their approach has changed over time.
    • All of Adsova’s plans can only be used for five days, and it costs $1 to try each one. Smart, Wise, and Sova are the names of the three plans. Sova is the most expensive at $129 per month. This plan is also the only one that lets you see the live ads.


    AdEspresso is an all-in-one advertising platform for marketers, not just a spy tool. It has four different price points, starting at $49 per month and going all the way up to $499.

    AdEspresso is a full suite of advertising platforms, so it shows different types of successful Facebook ads that you can use as a model.

    You can spy on the following kinds of Facebook ads:

    Ads in Messenger are led by photo carousels and slideshows.

    You can use the AdEspresso platform to look at sample ads and read the company’s analysis of them. When you click on an ad, you’ll see the whole ad and learn about the best ways to make ads work.

    As you read these things, you’ll get a clear picture of why the ads worked, and you can use the same ideas when making ads in AdEspresso.


    AdSpyHub, which is also called BigSpy, is a place where ads from Facebook are put together. There is a place where you can only see ads from Shopify Stores.

    The good thing about this website is that it’s free to use, and the Shopify ads show you how much the company that put out the ad made in sales the week before. You can also see how much money the company made in total.

    If you click on the ad, you will end up on the website of your competitor. You can get ideas and inspiration from them and use the same methods in your own business.

    Here are some things that AdSpyHub can do.

    • Keyword Search: You can look for competitors by using keywords. If you typed in “weight loss,” the system would show you ads about weight loss from its database.
    • Reports: The site puts out reports that you can read on a regular basis. Some examples of these reports are the top 20 advertisers in niches like baby food, business services, hobbies, and more.
    • Blog: It has a blog that is full of helpful things like tutorials and tips. All of these blog posts are about advertising, with Facebook and Shopify getting the most attention.
    • Since the platform is free, it doesn’t have as many analytics as other tools that can be used to spy on dropshipping ads on Facebook. This is best for people who are just starting out and need ideas on how to make ads that work but don’t have enough money to pay a monthly fee.


    Facebook is one of the most important tools for any marketer. It has the most users of any platform in the world, and advertising on it can help you make a lot of money.

    • But if you’re new to drop shipping and you just started your store from scratch, you’re probably new to advertising as well.
    • As a result, you need the help of experts to make sure that the ads you make work right away.

    You won’t waste money on testing if you use these tools to spy on dropshipping Facebook ads. Instead, you have a clear idea of how to make your advertisement and what it should say.

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