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Common AliExpress Dropshipping Shipping Methods For The Fourth Quarter Of 2023

    Online shoppers can now buy low-priced, high-quality goods made in China on AliExpress and have them shipped anywhere in the world in a matter of days using one of several expedited shipping options.

    Retailers who “dropship,” or resell items to customers without keeping stock, accounted for a large portion of AliExpress’s business. The success of sales and customer service in this model depends on the efficiency and promptness with which orders are delivered.

    Despite its widespread use, AliExpress Standard Shipping isn’t always the best option for dropshipping. This article will teach you how to choose the most cost-effective shipping method for your needs, and it will compare popular shipping services like AliExpress Standard / Saver Shipping, Cainiao Global, YunExpress, and Yanwen.

    Considerations for Choosing the Best Shipping Methods

    When deciding on a shipping strategy, it is important to take into account both the shipping service level and the locations of the destinations. Express, Standard, General, and Economy are the four main categories of shipping service.

    • Fast shipping options like DHL and FedEx are out of reach for most dropshippers due to their prohibitive costs.
    • Today, dependable services like AliExpress Standard Shipping, YunExpress, and Yanwen are good examples of standard shipping options.
    • When compared to Standard shipping, General shipping is less expensive, takes longer, and allows tracking information to be viewed. Epacket is typical of shipping options.
    • Too many problems arise from using an economy shipping service, such as Cainiao Super Economy Global, because of the low delivery percentages, long transit times, and lack of tracking information. Traceability is what sets AliExpress Saver Shipping apart from Cainiao Super Economy Global.
    • As businesses grow and change, so do their shipping needs and preferences. You should keep the following three things in mind as you weigh your shipping options.


    Shipping costs, which account for more than 60% of total supply costs, must be carefully considered on the supply side of things.

    Different selection strategies shall be made on a case-by-case basis to account for the concerns of consumers in various countries.

    Customers in the United States who place a premium on after-sale support will likely want to pay more for premium services like Standard shipping.

    Time of Supply

    The length of time it takes to get something to you depends on where you live. The following is a typical delivery schedule based on Standard shipping times:

    Delivery times vary from country to country, but typically take 10 days in the US, 10-15 days in Europe, and 15-20 days in Brazil.


    The ability to track packages is crucial to providing customers with peace of mind when making purchases online. Providing customers with constant package tracking updates can boost satisfaction and encourage positive comments.

    Shipping Methods That Have Done Well On And Off Of AliExpress

    Several different shipping options are available on AliExpress, as was previously mentioned. When it comes to international dropshipping, AliExpress Standard Shipping is a favorite.

    The Most Reliable Shipping Method Is AliExpress’s Standard Service.

    Many drop shippers prefer to use AliExpress Standard Shipping when making purchases on the site.

    The fact that it adheres to every “Standard” that a shipping method should have is its primary benefit. Consumers care most about reasonable pricing, consistent turnaround times, and a high success rate for their orders.

    Provided by the Seller or Their Vendors Shipping Options

    When the product category is constrained by variants or listing issues on AliExpress, suppliers can also connect you with representatives of Seller’s Shipping Methods like Yanwen, YunExpress, China Post, 4PX, etc. It’s important to confirm with vendors before making purchases using this shipping method.

    Options for Shipment Other Than AliExpress

    Some dropshippers operate in a “off-AliExpress mode,” communicating with the agency straight through a CSV file. A wider variety of potential carriers, including YunExpress, Yanwen, China Post, 4PX, etc., are included. However, choosing a third-party shipping method can be more complicated, especially when sending packages to multiple locations or a wide range of products.

    All three of the aforementioned shipping choices have their benefits, but it can be challenging to explain them all. Is there anything you can do if someone requests a more affordable shipping method?

    Cost-effective for Dropshippers: AliExpress’s Saver Shipping

    You can choose AliExpress Standard Shipping or the more cost-effective AliExpress Saver Shipping. Cainiao Group, one of the largest logistic companies in China, launched this so-called “economy shipping method” two years ago. It includes Brazil and a large chunk of Europe, including France and Germany.

    AliExpress Saver Shipping is unique in that it offers the speed and traceability of Standard shipping at the cost of economy service. In the long run, it saves money.

    In the Brazilian market, orders under $10 typically went through AliExpress Saver Shipping between September 2022 and April 2023. However, as of May 1, 2022, it is no longer available, and Brazilian dropshippers must instead rely on AliExpress Standard Shipping, which is more expensive.

    Dropship Empire Shippers Develops Trustworthy Delivery System

    The above options’ widespread appeal demonstrates the significant role that various shipping modalities play in supporting international online trade. Each provider of shipping services strikes a balance between quality and price in an effort to enter more markets. In 2023, will the Brazilian market have access to shipping options superior to AliExpress Saver Shipping?

    Dropshippers are looking into a viable shipping method that will guarantee timely delivery at a reasonable cost. Always, we aim to improve the dropshipping operations of our global partners.

    Please let us know if you have any thoughts or anticipations regarding this mode of transport. We’re here to hear you out and give your suggestions serious consideration.

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