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How To Get AliExpress To Ship Faster When dropshipping?

    Dropshipping businesses need an effective shipping plan to keep customers from getting upset about long delivery times. AliExpress is a great place to find a wide range of goods at low prices.

    The only bad thing about AliExpress is how packages are sent. Several methods are used on AliExpress to make sure that your items get to you as quickly as possible. Let’s look at some tips for dropshipping on AliExpress that will help you ship faster.

    How Shipping Works on AliExpress

    Before we talk about how to get faster shipping for dropshipping on AliExpress, let’s look at how shipping works on AliExpress in general.

    How Long Does It Usually Take AliExpress to Ship?

    AliExpress’s normal delivery times range from 15 to 45 days, depending on the company you use to send your items. Because most AliExpress sellers are in China, it may take longer than usual for items to be sent. Also, delivery times vary depending on where you live and what kind of shipping you choose.

    For vendors, dropshipping can take up to 60 days. When this happens, customers usually file a dispute on AliExpress, which you have to handle. But if you choose premium options or if your ePacket shipment works, the delivery could happen in as little as 12 days.

    Different ways to ship on AliExpress

    On AliExpress, there are different ways to ship that you should learn about right away:

    Ordinary shipping: This is the most common way to ship items that cost less than $5. Regular shipments can’t be tracked after they leave China, so it’s hard to know when the shipping company will bring them to their destination.

    Certified shipment: Shipments that are insured can always be tracked. It’s helpful to know when the load will come and to be told about it. It also needs to be signed for by you or someone in your family. It usually shows up in orders over $5, but it can also be found in cheap things.

    Shipments through private courier: These shipments are usually done by private companies like DHL, UPS, EMS, or even AliExpress itself with its AliExpress Premium Shipping, and they are usually not free; in fact, they are usually kind of pricey.

    Why faster shipping is important when dropshipping on AliExpress

    One of the most important parts of dropshipping is how long it takes for your product to get to your customer. Clients always like it when you get things to them quickly, and when you do, you build their trust in your business.

    If you go above and beyond to offer email notifications and free shipping at set times, you will win even more. It’s not just about getting products to customers as quickly as possible.

    Offer something unique or that people wouldn’t expect from your business. Customers will definitely love it! Don’t forget to add options that will make things easier.

    How to get AliExpress to ship faster when dropshipping

    When you use AliExpress for dropshipping, delivery times may be cut down. Read on to find out how to do that.

    Choose suppliers with shipping options that are fast and cheap.

    You probably already know that dropshipping sellers on AliExpress offer different ways to ship their products. Price and speed also change. Some sellers offer very slow and cheap shipping, while others offer quick and expensive shipping.

    You can only choose your delivery option if you have control over how the order is filled and sent. So, you should choose an AliExpress dropshipping supplier that offers the right delivery method based on who your customers are and what your business goals are.

    You won’t want to send orders to customers as fast as possible if it means losing money on each one. So, it makes sense to choose a supplier with fast shipping options that don’t cost too much. By doing this, you can also cut down on AliExpress shipping times.

    Check out what people have said about AliExpress suppliers.

    Read customer reviews on AliExpress Suppliers to find a company that ships quickly. Users can leave comments and feedback about the products and services they buy on AliExpress on a number of forums.

    So, if you want to solve your problem with faster shipping, you should look through the feedback section. Dropshipping business owners can use it to find vendors with the best shipping options and fastest shipping times.

    Work with suppliers who have warehouses in the country you want to sell to.

    Even if you use AliExpress dropshipping, you can work with suppliers who have warehouses in the country where you want to sell.

    Most dropshipping companies that work with AliExpress are based in China. But some suppliers store their goods in places other than China, like the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, and so on.

    So, if you want to offer faster shipping times, it is a good idea to sort dropshipping products by which warehouses are closer to your customers.

    This means that the vendors can fill your orders and send them to you from nearby warehouses. Your products won’t be sent from China either. This way, problems with delivery can be avoided and shipping times can be cut by a lot.

    For example, if you want to sell to people in the UK, look for an AliExpress dropshipping service with a warehouse in the UK. Sort by “ship from a country” to find a seller with a warehouse in that country.

    So, it’s safe to say that this is probably the best way to speed up AliExpress shipping. Working with dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress who have warehouses in the country you want to sell to can help make sure your customers get their orders quickly.

    Pay attention to how long things take to do

    Another way to cut down on AliExpress shipping times is to pay attention to the processing times given by dropshipping suppliers.

    Delivery time = time to ship + time to process

    • Shipping time is how long it takes for your product to get to your customer.
    • Processing time is how long it takes to finish a customer’s order. To put it another way, it is the time between when you place an order with your dropshipping provider and when they are ready to ship it.
    • Different AliExpress dropshipping providers have different processing times. Usually, it takes two to three days to process.

    But there are times when a supplier needs, say, seven days to fill an order. And in dropshipping, this is seen as a long time to process, which could cause a longer time to ship.

    So, it’s important to know where your order is in the process. Many dropshipping tools have a feature that automatically updates the order status, which makes it easier to keep track of your orders. You will be told when an order is placed, when it is shipped, and if there are any problems.

    Try to hire more than one service.

    Once you’ve picked a few providers, you’ll need to test them to see whose products will get to your area first. This advice is important because even though a lot of AliExpress Suppliers say they can ship quickly, it can take a while.

    Like the previous tip, you should check the processing time before making your final choice if you want fast shipping services. Then, try to choose the vendor who can get you high-quality products quickly.

    Order Test Products

    So, you have looked into how long it takes AliExpress dropshipping vendors to process orders and how they can ship them. But it would be good if you could order a test product from more than one company.

    This is a great way to check the processing and shipping times, make sure the item is what it says it is, and, of course, shorten the AliExpress shipping times.

    It is smart to buy the same item from multiple AliExpress sellers so you can choose the one with the fastest shipping time. Work with that provider to make sure your items get to your customers on time.

    Find “VIP” listings for the products you dropship.

    Find “VIP” listings for your products is also a good idea if you want AliExpress to ship your items faster. The main people who made these AliExpress product pages were dropshippers.

    Suppliers on AliExpress do this because they know that if you’re dropshipping, you’ll probably buy from them again and again. Because you’re likely to buy their product more than once, they treat you like a VIP.

    A VIP page on AliExpress can help you get faster shipping times because some suppliers will give your order more importance, which means it will be processed faster. Your order may sometimes be sent out with a faster delivery service.

    In addition to these benefits, a VIP page might offer you products at a lower price, and suppliers won’t send you any extra bills or ads with your shipment.

    Use alternatives to AliExpress

    Even if the last tip doesn’t help you get faster shipping on AliExpress, you can still do it! You can do this by using something other than AliExpress.

    This means that your dropshipping business can choose from a number of different suppliers. You can beat almost any supplier’s delivery schedule on AliExpress if you choose a reliable one, especially one in the US or EU that is close to your target customers.

    dropship-empire, make sure your AliExpress shipping process is optimized for dropshipping.

    dropship-empire is one of the best tools for dropshipping from AliExpress. It has a lot of features that can help you streamline the shipping process on AliExpress when you’re dropshipping. With dropship-empire shipping settings, you can choose the best shipping options for each order based on your preferences for price, country, and delivery time.

    Last Words

    How you and your clients work together depends on how long it takes to ship. So, if you are a dropshipper, you need to think about how quickly you can ship. It’s easy to change the speed of your AliExpress shipments. If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll be fine. AliExpress also has a lot of options for shipping. So, you can choose one that meets your needs. On dropship-empire Blog, you can learn how to grow your dropshipping business.

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