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How To Use WhatsApp For Business To Do Well In Your Dropshipping?

    Companies are using this platform to improve their interactions with customers and get in touch with them quickly.

    In this post, we’ll show you how to start using WhatsApp Business and how it might help your dropshipping business.

    What Is the Business of WhatsApp?

    The new part of the well-known company is WhatsApp Business. As the name suggests, the app is all about letting businesses talk to each other or to their customers (B2B and B2C, respectively). The free software is made for people who own small and medium-sized businesses. It offers powerful, easy-to-use, safe, and reliable ways to communicate that not only improve interactions with customers but also let businesses or users study and track their performance.

    WhatsApp Business is a free app that businesses of all sizes can use to get a wide range of services. With a WhatsApp Business account, you can make it easy for your customers to buy from you by saving them time and letting them customize their chats. When used with the WhatsApp chatbot, WhatsApp Business is a very useful business tool.

    The Growth of WhatsApp for Business

    This argument had been going on for more than two years before WhatsApp Business came out. When Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014, the company said it wouldn’t put ads in the app because that would hurt the user experience. But it also stopped charging $1 a year for a subscription, leaving it with few ways to make money besides charging companies for the tools. The fact that Facebook Messenger now has sponsored messages and display ads could mean that WhatsApp is changing its position on ads.

    But this time of rest didn’t last very long. Because 1.3 billion people use WhatsApp every month, the company is working on an extension that will help business people who use WhatsApp.

    So, WhatsApp Business was made, which is a unique tool that helps small businesses and startups connect with both current and potential customers. At first, that was the goal. With a start that shocked the world, the app quickly rose to the top of Google Play’s list of most downloaded apps. Then, iOS devices were able to use WhatsApp.

    How to Use WhatsApp for Business to Do Well in Your Dropshipping

    Because WhatsApp Business is very different from regular WhatsApp, it will give you very important new ideas for your business.

    Integration of Facebook Shops

    Your WhatsApp Business number is a member of the Meta family, which means that it can be used with a number of different apps. With Facebook Shops, you can make it easier and more personal for your customers to buy from you.

    For example, a customer who is looking through your Facebook Shop could call your WhatsApp Business number and leave you a message.

    Quick Answers

    You don’t have to type out each answer to some of the most-asked questions individually. For example, “What time does your store open?” or “Do you have any deals going on right now?” Write down the answers so you can look back on them when you have a similar problem. When the platform gives you options, press “/” and pick one.

    Messages You Can Talk To

    One of the best things about WhatsApp Business is how easy it is to use interactive messages. If you turn this on, you can show buttons as answers to client questions. By not having to write out their answers, your contacts will save time and effort. You can also add call-to-action (CTA) buttons that take people to websites or phone numbers.

    Greetings on auto

    Auto greetings are a feature of WhatsApp Business that can give your dropshipping business a more professional and friendly look. You can make your own welcome message for new users or people who contact you after two weeks of using the site. Go to Settings, then Business Settings, and then Greeting message to turn on auto greetings.

    Auto Away Message

    When clients call you after hours or on the weekend, you can use auto-away messages. Go to Settings, then Business settings, and then Away message to use this feature. You can turn on the away message there. You can schedule your message in addition to editing it by choosing Always send, Custom schedule, or after work hours.

    If you’re going on vacation and won’t be able to talk to your customers, you can also set up automated messages to do so. Using the “Away Message” feature of WhatsApp Business, your clients will get messages sent to them automatically while you are away.


    Have a new line of goods? Use the catalog function of WhatsApp Business to show them. You don’t have to give out prices and descriptions of each product separately. Instead, you can put them all in a catalog with all the necessary information. Customers won’t have to go to your website to look at the drop-shipping items you sell.

    Contact Labels

    The last important part of WhatsApp Business is the ability to label conversations. You can give each conversation more than one label, and you can even color-code them. This will let you keep track of your orders, create leads, and manage your WhatsApp Business account.

    Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business have helped us a lot in our daily work. We can stay in touch with the people who are most important to us through WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business helps us grow our business, keep track of a lot of users, respond quickly, use templates to send professional-looking messages, and more. It also lets us answer messages quickly. So, WhatsApp is a great choice if you run a dropshipping business.

    Features of WhatsApp for business that are helpful

    Since the features were made just for businesses, it is easy to see how they can help sellers, especially small and medium-sized sellers on the digital platform.

    Improve your relationships with customers.

    Text messages make it easier and more casual to get in touch with new clients. Since people already use WhatsApp and connect through it, it could be used for business purposes instead of SMS.

    Control how devices talk to each other

    As communication and file sharing became available on the web and mobile devices, it became easier to manage them across multiple platforms. The only difference between the two programs is that they need different phone numbers to work. There can only be one account set up per browser for the web extension.

    Be the Best Gadget for the Money

    You won’t have to pay anything at all to get the program. It also makes it possible to talk openly with customers who are already being served.

    Make the core of communication safe.

    All chats on WhatsApp Business can be encrypted from end to end. That is, the message can only be read by the people who are involved. Even WhatsApp can’t do it. The company says that each form of communication has a security lock. “…only you and the person you sent them to have the unique key to open and read them.”

    Each message you send has its own lock and key to keep it safe. To keep your messages safe, you don’t need to turn on settings or make secret chats. Everything happens automatically.

    Become Simple to Locate

    The app lets you share your location in real time. The business profile has links, phone numbers, hours of operation, and other information that customers might want.

    Using the app to send out sales and discounts No one likes spam marketing, so account status is a great way to let people know about time-limited deals or the release of new products. Businesses can send their filtered customers more than just status updates. They can also send them personalized messages. Just talk to people who are interested in the message to avoid being too pushy.

    Getting better at customer service and help

    Customers can always use the app to get in touch with the company with questions or complaints. This is also true when you turn it around. Consumers and businesses can work together to share information about deals, shipping, and other things.

    Help people work together

    When the job is done, WhatsApp Business saves the messages and data automatically and even makes statistics. You don’t have to worry about people on your team who aren’t tech-savvy using it because it’s very easy to use. The API is like WhatsApp, but it is more difficult to use. It also makes it easier to share files and makes mistakes less likely.

    How to Use the Business Features of WhatsApp

    E-commerce and dropshipping businesses rarely meet with customers in person, so their online interactions with customers need to be quick, easy, and effective. Thanks to services like WhatsApp, businesses may be able to do that. With the Whatsapp Business API, e-commerce businesses now have a new way to connect with their customers.

    Experience After a Purchase

    A big benefit of the tools is that once a customer makes a purchase and tells your dropshipping business to send them alerts (or chooses this as their preferred way to get alerts), you have a very powerful tool for giving them a great experience after the purchase.

    Suggestions Tailored to You

    Sending personalized product suggestions is a great way to increase the lifetime value of your customers and keep them happy. You can make suggestions for products through WhatsApp Business.

    Keeping track of delivery

    Using GPS to share your location in real time on WhatsApp has always been a useful piece of equipment to have on hand. You are now allowed to use live location sharing to help your clients figure out where their delivery is. Then, like many dropshipping tools, it has a good feature that automatically updates the order status.

    Last Word

    Lastly, Whatsapp Business could be a great way for your dropshipping business to stay in touch with customers and get in touch with them more quickly. It also lets you get in touch with people more quickly. Keep in mind that most people today care more about speed than they do about quality.

    If you can’t get your customers’ attention in a reasonable amount of time, they’ll just leave and look for something else. On dropship-empire Blog, you can learn more about dropshipping business and find useful tips.

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