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Where To Find Items For Shopify?

    In e-commerce, product sourcing is a very important step. You can make a lot of money if you can find a good source of things to sell online. People have a hard time getting Shopify products and other online sites, which causes them to stop doing business too soon. In this article, we’ll talk about a lot of different places where you can find products for Shopify sites that will help you make a killing in your industry. Even though manufacturers, wholesalers, and other dropshippers are the most common places to get products for Shopify, there is more to it that will help your product search. The logistics that will still be up to you are building your brand through great advertising campaigns and smooth customer service. In most of these options, you won’t have to deal with inventory or shipping because your supplier will handle everything.

    Ways for Shopify sites to find products

    Even though there is a lot of information and ideas online, a new business owner won’t get very far if they just search for content about where to get products for Shopify sites. Still, this article will give you a list of good product sources to get you started. Check out the suggestions and pick the one that fits you best. Feel free to look into new product niches with less competition if you want to stay in business. Choose smaller categories because they may have subsets with a lot of people and specific audiences. This will make marketing easier. Some of the likely places are:

    Start with your item or idea.

    At some point, you may have had a business idea or product that made you write a business plan. You can choose one of the ideas by going to that folder on your computer. Even though it might not have worked by then, you still thought of it as your favorite. Look at the new problems and pain points to solve them with your idea, since that’s what you can see and what you have. Look around your community to see what ideas people have, then turn them into an eCommerce business. Also, turn businesses in your area that have been around for a long time into online businesses.

    Use the fashion magazines

    Consumer trend magazines are a good place to find products for Shopify, if there is such a thing. These websites will point you in the right direction when it comes to consumer products and their trends. The sites will also show you how entrepreneurs bring new products to market and introduce you to products and categories you didn’t know about. Here are some examples of these online trend magazines:

    TrendHunter is the best community for following trends. It has over three million fans and 137,000 members from all over the world. Many entrepreneurs get ideas from the site, which helps those who aren’t sure what to do figure it out.

    TrendWatching is an independent company that looks for global insights and trends that show promise. But it has people from London, Singapore, New York, Lagos, Sydney, and Sao Paulo who report on trends around the world.

    Follow the leaders in your field

    When you’ve decided on a niche or group of products, go to social media and follow the people who have a lot of power in that industry. These people can tell you more about the products so that your business can do well. Find these influential people with online tools like AllTop and FollowerWonk.

    Get apps

    Apps can be great places to sell your stuff. If you don’t know where to get products for your Shopify site, you can download different apps that will help you find sources for many different types of products. These apps are easy to use because you don’t have to ship the items yourself. Some of the apps are:

    • Oberlo: This Shopify app has millions of products in every niche that you can quickly add to your Shopify store. Some of the things you can buy here are watches, sunglasses, clothes, rings, electronics, and lots of other things. The app gives you information about how well the product works so that you can make a good decision.
    • Handshake: Handshake is a wholesale app for Shopify that is based in the US. It helps sellers find a variety of products. Even though it only works in the United States, the app has a lot of products in every niche. Candles, clothes, fragrances, stationery, home decor, and so much more are among the products.
    • Dripshipper is a coffee dropshipping app that lets you sell coffee directly to your customers under your own brand name. You will be able to change the labels so that your customers can buy things with your name on them. Some of the coffee products you can find at Dripshipper are decaf coffee, single-origin coffee, custom coffee, and coffee capsules single-serve 12 by 60 packs.
    • This Shopify platform is for sellers who want to put their own designs on their products. You can personalize hoodies, t-shirts, pet beds, coffee mugs, tote bags, posters, notebooks, wall decals, and other items.
    • Spocket: The app has EU and US suppliers that offer a wide range of products, customized invoices, and fast shipping. Even though the app sells products at wholesale prices, it gives discounts of up to 60% on services, which is crazy. Some of the things you can buy with this app are clothes, earrings, shoes, sports and outdoor gear, beauty and bath products, and so on.
    • Creative Hub is a unique app that helps artists sell their work online. It is based in the UK. You don’t have to worry about not being an artist because you don’t have to have a store to use the platform. You only need to sell art made by modern artists.
    • My Online Fashion Store: This one-of-a-kind app gives sellers of women’s clothes and accessories a place to do business. The US-based dropshipper has a lot of different styles of women’s clothing in stock. Download this app if you don’t know where to find women’s tops, bottoms, jewelry, shoes, handbags, lingerie, hats, belts, scarves, sunglasses, tank tops, and lingerie for your Shopify store.
    • MXED: This is the place to find pop culture items if you like to buy things with pop culture themes. Only sellers in the US can use the app, which lets you sell real, licensed pop merchandise. There are T-shirts, backpacks, wallets, and other items from Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed, Sonic the Hedgehog, Naruto, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and many more.

    How to get goods through dropship-empire for Shopify

    Dropship-Empire is another great partner that will make it easier for you to find things to sell on Shopify. The site has automatic processes that make it easy to stock your products quickly. Follow the steps below to get products from dropship-empire for your Shopify online store.

    Sign up for a dropship-empire account.

    Go to the dropship-empire Dropshipping website and sign up for an account or log in if you already have one. is the address of the site.

    • Link your Dropship-Empire account to a Shopify store.
    • Sign in to the Dropship-Empire account you set up in step (a).
    • Click the “stores” icon in the sidebar.
    • Choose Shopify, then click “Connect a new store.”
    • Type your Shopify link into the “Connect a New Store” interface, and then connect.
    • Then, Dropship-Empire will send you to Shopify. If you hadn’t already, you could sign in to Shopify.
    • You will see a pop-up message on your screen that tells you to install Dropship-Empire. Click the “Install Unlisted app” prompt.

    As soon as you click the “Install Unlisted app” prompt, the site will send you back to “Manage Stores” on the Dropship-Empire Page. A box that says “Authorized Successfully!” will pop up. Click “OK” to close it. Now you’re ready to go.

    Look for the things you want to sell.

    Not only do you have to figure out where to get products for Shopify, but you also have to search for them on your Dropship-Empire Dropshipping account before you can send them to Shopify. To look for the things:

    • On the main menu, click the “Catalogue” icon.
    • If you’re new, click the “Search” icon on the right. If you already have some results, click the “Search” icon on the left.
    • Add to a list of items.
    • Click on “Catalogue” to see the list.
    • Follow the steps in (c) above to look for the item you want to add to an inventory.
    • Click on the thing you want and wait for it to open.
    • Click the “List to Store” button above the picture of the product and follow the on-screen instructions to get your item to the store.

    Lastly, there are a lot of places to get products for Shopify sites. You need to decide what to do and take this chance. This article has given you enough information to get your business off to a great start. You can find things to sell on Dropship-Empire and other sites if you open your Shopify store today.

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