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Why Does The Speed Of a Shopify Page Matter?

    Many people say that the way you run your business is the key to its success, and we totally agree. It all comes down to how you think. This is what determines what you think is important for your business, so it plays a big role in your success.

    As a Shopify store owner who wants to stand out from the millions of other eCommerce stores, it’s important to figure out what makes you successful. In this case, it’s the speed of your Shopify pages.

    Now the question is, why does the speed of my Shopify page matter? How much should I think about how fast my Shopify store is?

    It’s easy to figure out. Imagine you are hungry on a hot afternoon and go to a cafeteria where about 50 people are eating but there are only 5 booths open.

    In lane 1, there are 10 people in line, in lanes 2 and 3, there are 6 people each, in lane 4, there are 12 people, and in lane 5, there are only 2 people in line. If all the lines move at the same speed, which line are you most likely to join?

    No one likes to wait, so the fastest Shopify stores are the ones that win.

    There aren’t many things worse for an online business owner or Shopify store owner than a slow store.

    In this article, we’ll talk about why the Shopify page speed of your store needs to be optimized, what the benefits of doing so are, and how you can speed up your Shopify store.

    Why Does the Speed of a Shopify Page Matter?

    It’s not just that people don’t want to wait; a fast Shopify page speed has real benefits. Some of them are:

    • Sales and conversions go up.
    • Improves SEO and lowers the number of people who leave a site quickly.
    • Boosts how fast you work.
    • Excellent PR

    Sales and conversions go up

    Remember our comparison to a cafeteria? To make sales, you need a site that loads quickly.

    In fact, research done by Cloudflare shows that this is the case. In this study, the conversion rate for pages that loaded in 2.4 seconds was 1.9%, while the conversion rate for pages that loaded in 3.3 seconds was 1.5%.

    This shows that if your page takes a long time to load, visitors are less likely to respond to your call to action, probably because they don’t want to wait another long time.

    When your page loads quickly, you make people want to look around for longer, even if they are just curious. Who can say? This could bring you a new customer.

    Optimizes SEO

    Google uses how well a site works to decide where it should be in search engine results. This is why Google ranks sites that load faster higher than sites that load slowly.

    This means that if your store is fast, when a potential buyer searches for your products on Google, your site will show up higher in the results than if it wasn’t so fast.

    This optimization also works for pictures. If the images on your Shopify site are optimized, they will help your store keep its speed.

    Also, when someone searches for your product, they are more likely to show up in the images section. Think of it as getting rid of two problems at once.

    With good SEO, your store will reach thousands more people, which, in turn, has a big effect on how much money you make.

    Lowers the number of bounces

    A high bounce rate is caused by two things. Either your SEO and writing aren’t doing enough, or your site is just too slow.

    If your Shopify page loads faster, people will want to see more. They can actually see more of what you have in less time. This is because you made it easy to turn the pages.

    It’s clear that this will help your sales, but that’s not the only benefit. Having a page that loads quickly makes you more efficient, making it easier to do things like run a poll or just build a community with your customers.

    Boosts how fast you work

    With a faster and better-optimized Shopify site, you don’t have to be shy or walk on eggshells. It’s a great way to grab your audience’s attention and turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

    You can go all out and ask them to join your list of subscribers. Having a site that loads quickly gives you the confidence you need to take big steps and even small steps that will change the game.

    When your site loads quickly, your hard work pays off faster and with less work.

    If you want to turn your store into a community or get to know your customers better, you might want to think about optimizing your page speed.

    Excellent PR

    Last but not least, having a Shopify store that loads quickly gives you an edge over other stores that sell the same product.

    If you stand out more if you have a great theme, support those features with a fast site, and you will move up in the rankings.

    Having a site that loads quickly also helps your Shopify store, which is usually a comparison between your store and other stores like it.

    In other words, it looks good for your company. Over time, this starts to pay off, so if your company’s status doesn’t change right away, being consistent might be the answer.

    How to Increase the Speed of Your Shopify Page

    Now that we’ve talked about why a fast Shopify page speed is important, here are a few ways to make your store load faster;

    Use the AMP

    Automated Mobile Pages, also known as AMPs, are great when most of your customers visit your store on their phones. Since 79% of people who shop online do so on their phones, it is safe for all types of businesses.

    Get rid of Shopify apps

    You should keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should go crazy and delete the apps that make your page special. Instead, carefully think about which apps you really need and which ones you can do without.

    Even when you delete an app, some of its data stays on your website and can slowly build up. This too should be made clear.

    Shrink pictures

    High bounce rates are most likely caused by images that are not compressed. All of the images you upload to your website should be in the.jpg format and the right size and compression level for best results.

    If you want to make more sales or have big plans for your business this year, you should keep an eye on how fast your site loads. A good site should take less than 3 seconds to load. Visitors, every extra second it takes costs you.

    What’s next? Once you know where your store is slow, the next step is to hire a speed optimization agency that is among the best in the world.

    At EcomExperts, we help Shopify and Shopify Plus stores speed up their sites by writing clean lines of code to fix speed problems. With us, you can be sure that your Shopify store will be much faster, which means better conversions, more sales, and a higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

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